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The holidays are right around  the corner. Halloween is a week away, Thanksgiving is a month away, and Chanukah and Christmas are just two months away. What makes all these holidays even more fun?! Cookies!! What makes cookies beautiful? Royal icing!! What’s NOT fun? Coloring royal icing…

 Do you absolutely DREAD having to color royal icing? No, well what about when you need a whole lot of black, red, or green? Ah, now I have your attention. Need black but ended up with grey? Need deep red but wound up with pink? Ugh, so frustrating! Well, last year at our Grand HolidayOpen House, Scott debuted an amazing product: Royal Icing mix that magically changes color when you add water! Everyone in attendance was amazed with the perfect colors and the ease of acheiving those colors! Seriously, you just add water, stir and you have red, black, or green royal icing and you are ready to decorate cookies!

Oh, and guess what? These colors don’t fade! Nope, they stay bright and true! It’s kind of the icing on the cake… or cookie, I should say! Well, hold on. Maybe the icing on the cake (or cookie) is the price. A one pound bag of royal icing mix costs only $4.50! That is a steal! 

So, with cookie season gearing up, do you want to spend lots of time (and coloring) trying to acheive the perfect shade of red? Nope, do yourself a favor and stock up on our fast and easy royal icing mixes in red, green, and, of course, black! Make cooking decorating even more fun by saving yourself some of the color mixing headache! Click the colors to be taken to our shop: green, red, black.

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful holiday cookies that you all make! I think I might bust out my Halloween cookie cutters this weekend and make some spooky cookies with the awesome red and black royal icing. What type of cookies are you most excited to use this amazing new product on?!

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