The New Look of ISAC

My blog this week is going to focus on the “New and Improved” ISAC Studio and some upcoming events that are now on the ISAC calendar.

As many of you heard, ISAC announced late last year that they were making some changes.  They decided to downsize the Retail shopping space and provide their products online for easy access.  The classroom is still there and has only changed a little bit because you know that Chef Nicholas holds some fabulous classes, so that’s not going away!

Now, I know that it “sounded like” they were going out of business, but I’m here to report that is NOT true!!  The team at ISAC is alive and well and there is so much going on!  Chef Nicholas has been traveling to different locations for cake shows and events (see last week’s blog for where he is this week).  And he is still developing and designing some fabulous products with Katy Sue Designs.

Here is a sneak peak at the new space at ISAC.  There is a new gallery area that has everything displayed on new gondolas and casework.  If you go for a visit, the entrance to the classroom and gallery is now through Suite E.  The new store is ready to visit by appointment only.  If you are local to the Atlanta, Georgia area, you can place your order online and then when you check out, select ‘local pickup’ and someone will contact you to arrange the pickup. 

There are some new and fun additions to the NL museum case, including many of his personal tools and products that Chef started off with over 40 years ago!  Some of the items in the case include his original work box that flew on the Concorde 9 times and traveled over 2 million miles around the world!  Chef should have put a Frequent Flyer number on that thing! 

The classroom has been updated with a more intimate feeling, giving a lovely personal space for each student.  The classroom holds a maximum of 12 students for each of the hands-on classes.  This means that once a class is posted online, you will have to sign up for the class pretty quick, because with only 12 seats, the classes are sure to fill up fast!

The lunch area offers a nice relaxing space to enjoy Scott’s delicious lunches and his signature warm out-of-the-oven cookies in the afternoon!! 

If you want to see the New and Improved ISAC, there is a wonderful opportunity coming up at the Spring Open House on Saturday, March 14 in Atlanta, Georgia.  You will have 2 opportunities to attend, one at 9:00am and one at 12:30pm.  Both sessions are the same.  Chef Nicholas will give a 2-hour demonstration on Spring decorating ideas for cookies, cakes and confections, including ideas for St. Patrick’s day, Easter and Mother’s Day.  There will be a refreshment break, plus time for some ‘retail therapy’ afterwards.  Here are some photographs of the projects he will be demonstrating.

You must pre-register for this event, so go to the REGISTRATION link and sign up!  The fee for this event is only $5.00. 

Check out the other upcoming events at ISAC by clicking on the CLASSES LINK.  Hope to see you there!

Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!

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