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On Monday, a new Craftsy class dropped called Show Stopping Sugar Flowers. This class is much different from any class Craftsy has released before. Why? Because it includes lessons from more than just one instructor! And guess who is (of course) one of the instructors of Show Stopping Sugar Flowers… yup! Chef Nicholas!

 Craftsy is trying something new with this class. Show Stopping Sugar Flowers does in fact have lessons from four instructors teaching five different flowers (Chef Nicholas teaches two). Erin Gardner demonstrates how to make a peony. Alan Dunn the daisy, James Rosselle the cymbidium orchid, and Chef Nicolas the Harrison’s Rose and dahlia. Now, each of these lessons has been presented in each of these instructors previous classes. So, if you have all of Chef Nicholas’ classes for example, you already have his lessons on the Harrison’s Rose and dahlia. To get the class for 50% off you can click here

This class is pretty perfect for people who would like to begin making sugar flowers, or those who want to expand their own technical tool box! Because you will be learning techniques from four different instructors, each of those instructors will be sharing their own personal methods, tips, and tricks. If you are new to making sugar flowers, this class is so beneficial because you can watch each instructor and see which methods may work best for you! If you are not new to making sugar flowers, but you are partial to one instructor, this class also opens your flower making world up to new possibilities! 

Now, don’t be disappointed if you were hoping for new material from Chef Nicholas (or Erin, Alan, or James), because I have some great news! Beginning on Monday, Chef Nicholas will be filming the first of FIVE new classes for Craftsy! Hooray! Ok, ok, before you get overly excited, I have absolutely no idea when the classes will be released; rest assured that as soon as I have dates I will share them with all of you!

In other exciting news our Grand Holiday Open House is coming up, November 7-8!! If you haven’t yet signed up for our 2nd Annual ISAC Ultimate Edible SnowGlobe Competition you still have time! Entries can be dropped off between October 31 and November 4, 2015. If you would like to learn more or read the rules and regulations click here. I can’t wait to see everyone at our Grand Holiday Open House, and I am very excited to see everyone’s SnowGlobes! 

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