25th Anniversary CELEBRATION!!!


Well. I have been mentioning for months that the Nicholas Lodge International Sugar Art Collection is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. On July 17, 1992, Chef Nicholas and Scott opened the doors to ISAC, and here we are 25 years later ready to celebrate this momentous occasion. I mentioned last week that only one third of small business make it past the 10 year mark; only one quarter make it past the 15 year mark. Well, ISAC blew past 15 years TEN years ago! This is a very big deal to the entire ISAC family. All of our hard work and dedication has always been for our loyal fan base. 

Because ISAC would not have made it this far without our students, customers, clients, friends, and families, Chef Nicholas and Scott are hosting an anniversary party at our Norcross, GA retail gallery and school! There will be yummy refreshments, and some fun prizes and giveaways!

 While the actual anniversary is Monday, July 17, our party will be held on Saturday, July 15, from 10am-3pm. We are really looking forward to seeing so many of our treasured students and customers there. We cannot wait to reminisce and celebrate all the good memories and fun times we have shared together at ISAC. 

There will be fun giveaways and prizes to be won! Everyone who attends on Saturday, July 15, will be entered into a raffle for a fabulous prize. That’s pretty amazing! I don’t even know what the prizes will be yet- Chef Nicholas and Scott are keeping it close to the vest! You will just come to come and celebrate to find out what you could win!

Of course, we realize that while we have loads of friends to celebrate with here in the Atlanta area, Chef Nicholas and Scott have many students, fans, and friends living all over the world! Chef Nicholas has brought cake decorating to over 26 different countries! How could he NOT have friends in every corner of the world! Since not everyone will be able to celebrate ISAC’s 25th Anniversary here in Georgia, we will be celebrating here on the blog as well!!

Unlike the in-house prizes, I DO know what the blog prizes will be!! The third place prize will be a $50 gift credit to spend at ISAC (or on our online store), second place will be a $75 gift credit to spend at ISAC (or on our online store), and the GRAND PRIZE will be a FREE 2-Day class with Chef Nicholas at our Norcross, Location!!! Everyone wants to take a class with Chef Nicholas, and who wouldn’t love to take that class for FREE!

If you’d like to enter to win one of these sweet prizes, all you need to do is leave a comment here on the blog. Please tell me your first memory of Chef Nicholas, Scott, or ISAC (the first time you shopped, your first class, first cookie, etc). My first memory is finding the nicholaslodge.com website after taking a cake decorating class at a craft store. I enjoyed the class, but wanted to learn more and find a good quality fondant. An internet search turned up a place right in my neighborhood. I drove to the International Sugar Art Collection, and was blown away as soon as I walked into the shop. All of my amateur cake decorating dreams were wrapped up in this one shop! I became a regular customer, then eventually an employee! That was about 10 years ago. I have loved every minute of my journey with ISAC, and I cannot wait to hear your memories here!

As always, you MUST INCLUDE your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in your comment. If I cannot get in touch with you, you cannot be a winner. Chef Nicholas will read all the comments and choose the third, second, and grand prize winners. The winners will be announced here on the blog. Please have your comment submitted by noon EST on July 11, 2017. The winners will be announced on the blog on July 12, 2017, and the winners will be notified by email. 

We cannot wait to see everyone on Saturday July 15 (from 10am-3pm). Thank you again for your 25 years of support and loyalty. Chef Nicholas, Scott, ISAC, and the ISAC family would not have made it to our 25th Anniversary without all of you. Please come celebrate cakes, cookies, chocolates, fondant, gumpaste flowers, and of course Chef Nicholas and Scott!

ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: In 2004 The Food Network selects Nicholas to be a judge in season one of the acclaimed series, “Food Network Challenge.”

Sweetly yours, 


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  1. My first experience learning of Chef Nicholas Lodge: As I was entering the “gingerbread competition world” I needed to find something to make things stick together and last. I searched the internet and Chef Nick’s name came up referencing tylose glue. I have relied on this glue religiously ever since. And have been competing Nationally ever since. Not only did I find this glue recipe I researched Chef Nick’s background and school. I had no idea he was a judge in the competition I was about to enter in 2007. The National Gingerbread House Competition in Asheville. That glue is amazing….. my first national competition and I placed 4th! A few year’s later I took my first class in Atlanta at his school and was instantly hooked. I went on to complete certificate classes and my knowledge and experiences in gingerbread competition were only made better by having taken the time to invest in Chef Nick’s school. Chef Nick has been an invaluable teacher, mentor and friend. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know Scott and so many other instructors, employees and students. Scott’s cookies are worth the classes :) I can hardly believe all the things I have made since learning techniques from Chef Nick. The long lasting friendships I have made with other students through classes at ISAC are irreplaceable. Chef Nick and Scott have done an amazing job with the ISAC school/store not just on a local level, but globally! Amazing! Congratulations on this 25th Anniversary! rita282@gmail.com (Rita Adams, Ringgold, GA) ……see you all soon. Rita

  2. I always likened my ability to write letters on a cake to one who made it look like a ransom note. In an effort to improve, I took the lettering course on Craftsy by Nicholas Lodge. It was a fantastic course. I got ready to order some of the supplies only to delightedly find that the shop was in Norcross, Georgia. As I live in Decatur, Georgia, I simply drove to the shop for my purchase. I then signed up for the holiday classes and brought my daughter with me. For both of my hip replacements recoveries, I enjoyed occupying my free time with sugar art classes. Nicholas is the best!

  3. Gee, I can’t believe it has been 25 years. My first recollection of Nic was at the Kentucky ICES Convention. All I saw was this sea of beautiful green curtains, tableclothes, packaging, shopping bags. Green, green and more green. One of my favorite colors is that type of electrifying green that just draws you in. Being brand new to the cake decoration industry, I went and grabbed my Wilton instructor who was there with me. I had to ask her what things were and what they were used for. Trust me when I say I had to bring my bag back to my hotel room as it was just too heavy to lug around for the rest of the day. However, I just didn’t get enough of that sea of green and had to go back…..it was calling me. I looked around for some more “stuff” and then I saw them. Stamins, stamins and more stamins (I just love stamins). Nic Lodge had the best assortment of flower stamins that I have ever seen. I just simply had to dive into those and come up every now and then for some air. Boy did I get my fill of stamins that day.

    Throughout the years, since that day, I have continued to follow Nic and I also have introduced new people to his Oasis. I have attended classes that he has taught at his shop (can’t get enough of those bathrooms), I have attended open houses, I have gone there just to shop. I just can’t get enough of Chef Nic and Scott. One of these days I’m going to kidnap them both and bring them home with me. I have started my PME certification with them and hope to be able to finish that over the next year. Just can’t get enough of anything and everything that Chef Nic has to offer.

    Let’s toast to another 25 years. Love You All.

  4. I have taken a number of classes with Nick (at ICES conventions, at ISAC and at our Michigan ICES DOS’s) He does such a fantastic job of getting everyone to do their best, even when we (me) are in over our heads. The experience in Atlanta was awesome. Nick was great in the classroom and Scott’s lunch was the icing on the cake! I hope to attend a class there again in the future.

    Wishing you both and ISAC only the best in the years to come.

  5. Margery McMillan mmcmillan1415@att.net
    I remember my first taste of Nicholas Lodge International Sugar Art Collection like it was yesterday. A friend invited me to the 2012 Holiday Open House. I hesitated only because I’m not as sociable or as adventurous as I once was. But the call of the cake was irresistible. Chef Nicholas and his team did not disappoint. It was magical just to wander around the the Norcross gallery before the main event kicked off. Every corner I turned I found a new edible decoration that would make my cupcakes sparkle or a fondant tool that I couldn’t understand how I had gotten along without for so long. And, by hook or crook, I haven’t missed an Open House since. Scott’s presentations were full of real world tips (I’ve been using heating pads under my candy melts ever since). And Chef Nicholas created beautiful things right in front of my eyes, and made me believe I could too. Some variation of the Winter Wonderland cake has been on my Christmas table every year since I saw him demonstrate it. The Christmas and Spring Open House is now a family tradition. They are a wonderful way to kick off the season.
    Congratulations on 25 years. I’m so sorry I missed the first 20, but I’m on board for the next 25!

  6. I remember taking my first class with Nick at ISAC in May of 2005. It was the 5 Day Ultimate Gumpaste Flower class. I was in heaven the whole 5 days. The things that immediately stood out to me were the level of detail, kindness and patience Nick provided, Scott’s incredible hospitality and the professionalism of the entire ISAC team. I have taken many courses over the years and really feel that ISAC is like family. When you walk through the ISAC doors, you are entering a home with friendly faces. I look forward to taking many more classes in the future!

  7. I met Chef Lodge at Albert Ubers when they were promoting their Fifth Avenue line. This was my first time meeting a Professional Chef who is known worldwide. As I sit there, I was amazed as how passion Chef Lodge was about cake decorating. He was blessed with such a talented gift and he was willing to sharing his knowledge with anyone who wanted to learn from him. As he was going thru his demonstration; he took the time to explain about the product, answer questions that anyone had, aloud the audience to participate and he even greeted each guest as if he had known them for years. I thought to myself his success had not changed who he was. Whenever you meet him he always greets you with a smile and you can ask him anything and he will take the time to speak with you. He always says whenever you in Norcross stop by and see me. I thought he is just staying that. So my husband and I happened to be in Norcross visiting his family and I had the opportunity to visit Chef Lodge’s shop. This is when we meet Scott and Molly. The two of them was so sweet and kind. My husband and Scott hit it off right away talking about Scott’s cookbook and me and Molly was talking like we had known each other for years. I appreciate that everyone who works for you or with you are so very humble and passionate about cake decorating. Keep being who you are Chef Lodge, Scott and Molly and you will be bless with many more years of success. Congratulations on your Silver Anniversary.

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