Thank you to ALL of our Craftsy students!

Before Chef Nicholas became a Craftsy instructor, the only way to take a class with him was to travel to our location in Georgia for a class, at a cake decorating convention (like ICES or Cake Camp, or get lucky enough to live where he was a guest instructor. When Chef Nicholas started his relationship with Craftsy, he was able to connect with students around the globe, students who may not have been able to afford an in-house class, or those who were nervous about taking their very first class in person. Craftsy has allowed Chef Nicholas to teach, inspire, and encourage students from every walk of life. The entire ISAC family is grateful for this.

Craftsy has allowed Chef Nicholas to share his skills, knowledge, tricks of the trade, and his love of cake artistry with so many more people than we could have ever imagined. On Monday, Chef Nicholas sent me an excited email saying that his Custom Lettering and Monograms class had reached 10,000 enrolled students. TEN THOUSAND! His Classic Sugar Flowers class has nearly 12,000 students. As of today, there are over 39,000 students enrolled in Chef Nicholas Craftsy classes. That is roughly equal to two and a half times the population Norcross, GA (our physical location)! Until I read that email on Monday, I wasn’t quite sure what I would write about today. Reading Chef Nicholas’ email, and sensing his pride and excitement inspired me.

Chef Nicholas received highest honors while studying to become a pastry chef, won innumerable cake decorating awards, dissected and studied the anatomy of flowers to ensure his gum paste flowers were botanically accurate, authored countless books, judges cake decorating competitions, and he made cakes for England’s royal family for Pete’s sake! But, does Chef Nicholas own his own bakery or compete in competitions? No, no he does not. Chef Nicholas is widely considered the world’s foremost cake decorator, and while he could certainly command top dollar for wedding and celebration cakes, he teaches. He teaches everyone from novice cake decorators to high skilled ones; Joshua John Russell, Food Network star and Craftsy instructor, has studied under Chef Nicholas!. Teaching is Chef Nicholas’s passion.

The best part of our Craftsy classes is that it has brought so many more people into the ISAC fold. I have responded to many messages from Craftsy students who take the plunge and take an in-house ISAC class for the first time, or are thrilled to find an elusive product in our retail gallery (starting a lifelong shopping relationship, of course!), or perhaps are taking their first steps to turn their hobby into a career! Chef Nicholas hopes to bring more exciting and interesting Craftsy classes to all of you in the future, and we all hope that you continue to enjoy and learn everything we can offer!

As a sign of our sincere thanks to all of our students, Craftsy, in-house, or on the road, I am sharing 50% off links for all of Chef Nicholas’s Craftsy classes. Get them for yourself or give them gift of education to a friend or loved one!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Click the photos of the classes below to get each one for 50% off.



out of the box

Garden roses

Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers

Classic Sugar Flowers

The Ultimate Sugar Rose 


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  1. I am grateful for these classes and the opportunity of meeting him at the NCACS this last March-and he remembered who I was from some communications regarding roses! My skills have improved dramatically and I look forward to more classes from him on Craftsy!

  2. I love Chef Nicholas’ Craftsy classes – my favorite is the Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers class!!!

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