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Happy Thursday friends! After a CRAZY couple of months things are getting back to normal here at ISAC. Since there are no guest instructors or cake shows to write about this week, I am excited to share some really fun new products that I think you all will just love! 

Let’s start with our two new patchwork cutter sets: Gerbera Daisy and Make a Pram (carriage). The Gerbera Daisy set comes with 7 cutters, including one for the center and one for the calyx. Using the five different sized petal cutters, you build a lush flower with multiple layers of petals. No separate mold is required for the center!

DSC 4247 WEB 1280x850

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

PC Gerbera Daisy


The Make a Pram (or carriage for us Americans) set is ADORABLE!! This 15-piece set includes all the cutters you will need to create a three dimensional pram in two different sizes! A little baby blankie cutter is included to complete the cuteness. This perfect pram would be an ideal topper for any baby shower cake. 

Next I would like to share six, yes SIX, brand new items by FMM! Let me start with our new Chunky Funky Alphabet, a companion to the Funky Alphabet. The Chunky Funky is a smaller chunkier version of FMM’s Funky Alphabet, and is the perfect size for smaller cakes and cupcakes. The Funky Alphabet is not only one of Chef Nicholas’ favorite products, but is also extremely popular with our clients; I know that the Chunky Funky Alphabet will be just as popular! (Also, saying Chunky Funky is fun… which is why I typed it out like a million times! Ha!).

DSC 4238 WEB 1280x850

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

The second FMM product I want to tell you about is the Essential Shapes Tap-It. Four tap-its come in this set with graduated sizes of circles, ovals, squares, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, rectangles, and “wonky” rectangles! While this set seems pretty basic on the surface, it really is a tool kit necessity; basic shapes are always useful.  As soon as I saw this set, I knew it would be perfect for making a sleek, modern mosaic design cake. 

DSC 4234 WEB 1280x850

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

If you are making cakes for superheroes than you will definitely be excited for the Boom/Pow/Bam cutter. This crazy shape is perfect for superhero smash words like, you guessed it BOOM! POW! BAM! Or you could also just use it as a funky shaped plaque to personalize a cake or cookie.

Wow Cutter

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

Wow examples

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

FMM’s Splat cutter set comes with two “splat” shapes. Even though the shape is intended to be a paint splatter (which would be perfect for a paint themed cake) I also saw a funky flower, or an under the sea type flower, or even puddles for a rainy day cake or ducky themed baby shower cake. OH or mud puddles on a construction cake. A little bit of imagination goes a long way with cutters in unusual shapes.

FMM546 WEB 879x1280

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

FMM decided to make everyone’s lives easier and created a continuous Picket Fence Cutter. Gone are the days of cutting fences out piece by piece and painstakingly applying them to the side of your cake. All you need now is to cut, cut, cut! Then just slap your fence sections on the cake- they will line up perfectly. If you want to get really authentic looking, don’t forget to add wood grain to your fence! 

FMM543 WEB 867x1280

Photo: S. Ewing, ISAC

Now onto our last product. This one is by far my favorite new product: the FMM More than a Birdhouse Set (3D Birdhouse Cutter Set). This set includes just four pieces, but the name says it all, it is so much more than just a bird house. You can use this set to make a dog house, a garden shed, a sweet shop, a beach house, a green house, a regular old house, a haunted house (Halloween is next month!), or a gingerbread house! Oh, you could also make a bird house I suppose! Again, use your imagination- the sky’s the limit.

FMM541 WEB 720x1280 FMM541a WEB 758x1280

Photos: S. Ewing, ISAC

There you have it folks. Eight new products for you to try and fall in love with! And because I am so nice and awesome and cool, if you leave a comment telling me which product you would most like to try, I’ll randomly select one winner! PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT! The winner will be notified by email on Sunday, September 9, 2015 and the prize will be whichever product mentioned in the winning comment. Remember- include your email or you will not be eligible to win. All comments must be submitted by midnight on September 8, 2015.

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  1. I would love to own the Chunky Funky Alphabet tappit. Was a hard decision to make, all the new products look wonderful, but, guess I’ll stick to this choice..BTW;, Spent the day with Nick yesterday making peonies from his Craftsy class…what fun.

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