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When I was growing up, one of my favorites things to do during the holiday season was to build a gingerbread house. I say, “WAS,” because as I grew up and starting building the house on my own I realized how much WORK it was! Cutting and baking the ginger bread (or even going to the store and buying a kit), setting up your workspace and all the necessary supplies, constructing the house and waiting for the royal icing to dry… and that’s before you get to the fun of decorating! Oh, then you have to clean everything up! Oy! Sadly, for me and probably many other families, the planning, preparation, and clean up just outweighed the fun and memory making of building gingerbread houses as a family!

I miss the happy memories of being silly with my brother and parents as we decorate a yummy little holiday house, and I want that back now that I have kids of my own. Well, Scott decided that maybe ISAC could become a tasty, gingerbread construction site over the holiday season- and now we have Gingerbread Depot! 

Gingerbread Depot was envisioned as a place where families and friends could come and decorate a beautiful gingerbread house without any of the hassle or clean up! When families arrived for their two-hour session, they will receive a pre-constructed gingerbread house, no baking or trips to the store, no worrying about whether or not the walls are straight or if the icing has dried yet! Also provided is a very study base, a piping bag of ready-to-use royal icing, and one basic package of candy to adorn your house. Our, “construction site,” will also have addition accessories, royal icing, and candy available for purchase, should you need more. 

Danger: Delicious Construction Zone!

All ready to decorate!

This is exactly what I’m talking about! The house is ready to go, decorations ready to go, and when the house is finished, just pack up your house and say goodbye! No planning, no preparation, and best of all- NO CLEAN UP! You and your loved ones make not only a fabulous gingerbread house to show off, but also special holiday memories that you won’t ever forget!

We have you covered if you want or need more decorations.

We are offering two-hour sessions in both the morning and the afternoon on select Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in December (see below). Up to four people can decorate one house, and sessions are limited to 12 people each. Signing up is easy, just give us a call to check availability for the date and time you are interested in: 770-453-9449. This is also a super affordable holiday activity- just $39.95. That’s only about $10 a person, for a family of four! It’s a steal really!

So, get your kids, your grandchildren, your niece and nephew, or your best friends and come visit our Gingerbread Depot! We can’t wait to see you there!

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