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If you are reading this blog, you’re likely into the sugar arts and decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and the like. That means, you MUST know about the Mirror Glaze trend that is dominating the cake decorating world right now. Basically, it is a glaze with a very shiny, mirror-like finish. There are tons of cake decorators using mirror glaze now, blogs are a buzz with directions on how to make the glaze. But I’m not here to tell you how to make it. Nope. I’m here to tell you that we are selling pre-made mirror glaze at ISAC, in three colors/flavors!

You read that correctly; ISAC is carrying ready-made mirror glaze in chocolate, white chocolate, and neutral! Why mess with all the steps of making your own mirror glaze when we have everything all ready to go for you! And the white chocolate and neutral glazes can be tinted with powder color, gel color, or oil based color! You can even add luster dust to color it! 

Mirror Glaze on cupcakes by Joshua John Russell! Photo: J.J. Russell

When you are ready to glaze, all you need to do is heat it to the proper temperature (40-45° Celsius or 105-115° Fahrenheit) and pour it over your chilled cake! So easy. You can warm your glaze in the microwave for 20 second intervals; if your glaze is too cool it may be clumpy; if the glaze is too warm, just let it cool to the proper temperature. If you are using multiple colors, make sure everything is tinted and at the proper temperature before you start glazing!

Any shape cake can be glazed, but dome shaped cakes seem to be really popular with the glaze trend. Guess what? ISAC is now carrying a Flexi Form Silicone Dome mold, and it is fantastic. Perfect for mousse cakes!

Below you will see a video of Joshua John Russell, using the same mirror glaze and dome mold we are carrying at ISAC, to glaze a chocolate cake and a beautiful dome mousse cake! If Chef Nicholas and Joshua John Russell are both using the products, you know we are on pointe with this mirror glaze trend!


I hope you’ll give our mirror glaze and dome molds a try, I would love to see your finished products in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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