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As many of you may know, Chef Nicholas is lucky enough to be the Brand Ambassador for Renshaw, the world’s leading manufacturer of rolled fondant. We have been working even more closely with Renshaw for the last few months… doing what you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Renshaw was established in 1898 in London, England, and has a royal grand from Queen Elizabeth (first granted by George VI in 1950) to supply the Royal Household with almond products. Not only are they the leading manufacturer of rolled fondant, but they also lead the industry in many other baking products as well. Chef Nicholas even assisted Renshaw in the development of their first rolled fondant product- Regalice.

Chef Nicholas had always felt that the Renshaw products were superior for use in cake decorating and baking, but before 2015, Renshaw products were unavailable in the United States. Now, just over a year and a half later, Renshaw has set up shop on our side of the pond! Renshaw Americas has opened in New Jersey! The customer service and logistical teams are up and running this new sales and distribution hub; as of right now Renshaw Americas is serving the United States and Canada, and eventually the whole rest of the Americas! This is really fantastic news for everyone who loves Renshaw products. 

Chef Nicholas would love it if you visited and liked the Renshaw Americas Facebook page if you haven’t already; they share lots of fun tutorials as well as featuring beautiful cakes decorated with their rolled fondant and gum paste products. Thanks!

Now, a new sales and shipping warehouse in the United States is exciting news indeed. But there are more exciting things to share from Chef Nicholas and Renshaw…


I’m not sure I can explain it any better than what Renshaw Academy has said on their Facebook page:

The Renshaw Academy is a newly set up centre of excellence aimed at developing the skills of sugar crafters and industry professionals who have cake decorating at heart. 
We offer you world-class teaching aids, equipment and technology that will inspire you for your own creations, just like Renshaw has inspired you for generations.”

This new teaching center will instruct both professionals and hobbyist in traditional and contemporary methods, and is totally state of the art allowing the live streaming of classes and courses no matter where you are in the world! The physical location is in Liverpool, England. Please visit the Renshaw Academy website or Facebook page to learn more about upcoming classes and to see photos of their incredible facility! Be sure to sign up for the Renshaw Academy Monthly Update (on their website) to stay current on their latest courses and special events. 

Oh, and guess who will be teaching at the Renshaw Academy in Liverpool on November 8th? Chef Nicholas Lodge! This will be the first time in 15 years that Chef Nicholas is teaching in the UK. I am not certain if there are any spaces still available in the class, but if you are interested, you can inquire at Chef Nicholas is teaching a beautiful Poinsettia and Holiday Garland cake- it is sure to get everyone attending in the Christmas spirit!

And there you have it- fun and exciting news from Renshaw Brand Ambassador Chef Nicholas Lodge! I hope you are as excited about Renshaw Americas and Renshaw Academy as we are. Please like both of their Facebook pages, and check out the Renshaw Academy website. Chef Nicholas hopes to teach many Renshaw Academy classes in the future- I know he hopes he will see all of you in class!!

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