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December is halfway done, our big sales of the year are all finished, so here at ISAC we are already getting ready to welcome 2016! Just like I said last week, Chef Nicholas will not be slowing down. In January alone he is teaching three classes at ISAC, three mini classes in Florida, and by the end of the month he will be in Chicago teaching at the French Pastry School! So, if you want to start the year with Chef Nicholas, let me tell you all about January’s classes!

The second weekend in January marks our very first class of 2016- New Trends in Rolled Fondant. This is a newer class, debuting just a couple years ago, and has been popular since Chef Nicholas created it. One of the reasons that this class has become so popular is that it is a technique class. Students will be making a two tiered cake, but each side of the cake will display a different cake decorating technique. Chef Nicholas will be sharing some of the hottest design trends being requested by clients! Using molds, mats, and cutters creating a cake with ombre, chevron, varying textures, layering, stenciling, applique, and so much more! Students taking this class leave with a wide array of new skills in their cake decorating arsenal!

Next up for Chef Nicholas- three mini classes in Orlando, Florida! Three mini classes, one each day, will be held on January 15, 16, and 17, 2016. The Florida Chapter of ICES is hosting Chef Nicholas, and many other instructors over the weekend. The first class Chef Nicholas will be teaching (on the 15th) will focus on the Blushing Bride Protea and Tuberose. On January 16th is Avalanche Rose and Bells of Ireland, and finally on January 17th is the one-day version of New Trends in Rolled Fondant. Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but these three individual classes, when put together, are like a master class in wedding cake techniques! The links that I have included for each of the classes takes you to the ISAC website, but you will need to register through the Florida Chapter of ICES. You can do that by clicking here. ISAC will have a booth in the vendor room, so you can stock up on all of the cool tools that Chef Nicholas will be showing you how to use!  On Saturday, January 16th, there will be a Dessert Social, free for those who are registered in classes, students may bring a guest for a $5.00 charge. Not only will students get to partake in delicious desserts, but the Dessert Social will also be the Night of Sharing! 

Blushing Bride Protea Tuberrose

Blushing Bride Protea and Tuberose

Avalanche Rose Bells of Ireland

Avalanche Rose and Bells of Ireland

New Trends Mini Cake

New Trends in Rolled Fondant Mini Class

After his return from teaching mini classes in Orlando, Chef Nicholas will teach one of his classic classes: Rolled Fondant Techniques with PME Certification (January 23-25, 2016). If you are a buttercream buff, but want to try your hand at rolled fondant, this is your class; many of the techniques can also be adapted for buttercream and rolled buttercream as well. If you have tried rolled fondant, but are feeling overwhelmed, this is your class; you will receive guidance and gain new ideas and techniques. If you want to get your PME certification, this is your class. This class is one of the three modules that is needed to complete the PME Master Certification. Chef Nicholas will be teaching his students so many techniques it’s just crazy: covering cakes and boards in fondant, crimping, embossing, quilting, embroidery, appliqué and inlay work, lace work, painting, using various molds, ribbon insertion, drapes and bows, ribbons, ropes and tassels! There is more, but I have to leave a little bit to surprise you, don’t I?!

Rolled Fondant Techniques

The final class at ISAC in January will be New Trends in Sugar Flowers (January 26-27, 2016). This class has a touch of bittersweetness too it. Students will learn five beautiful flowers, but it is also the last time that Chef Nicholas plans on teaching this class. Sad Day. I know you don’t wait to miss out on Chef Nicholas teaching you how to make the Vanilla Orchid, Oriental Peony, Parrot Tulip, Bells of Ireland, and Love-In-A-Mist. This class was only introduced a few years ago, and now despite its popularity it is saying goodbye. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because this class being discontinued just might mean that Chef Nicholas has a bigger, better flower class in the works for the future! 

New Trends in Sugar Flowers 2

Right after this flower class ends, Chef Nicholas is jetting off to Chicago to teach courses at the French Pastry School. Six classes in less than four weeks, plus another two weeks at the French Pastry School. No one can ever say that Chef Nicholas is not dedicated to the art of sugar artistry! Honestly, I feel like I need a nap after just writing about his schedule this January. Ha!

I will leave you with one final request. This is the final week that you can enter to win a free four-hour private class with Chef Nicholas. All entries must be received by midnight this coming Saturday, December 19th, 2015. I have been talking about this all month, but just in case I will remind everyone how to enter. Please send me an email ( explaining, in 200 words or less, why you (or you and a friend) would like to win the class! That’s basically it. Seriously. BE SURE to include your name and email address (if we cannot contact you, you cannot be selected as the winner). Bright and early Sunday morning I will give Chef Nicholas all of the entries and he will select a winner!!! I will announce the winner on the blog on December 24, 2015, and I will contact the winner via email. So, if you have been holding off in entering, you only have a few more days! Don’t wait any longer- email me!

SantaLodge Final1


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