Fantastic Fall Flowers

This weekend Chef Nicholas is teaching his Gumpaste Flowers for Fall class at ISAC. Wild Poppy, Fall Cosmos, Dahlia, Ginkgo Leaf, Chili Peppers, and several types of grasses will all feature at this class. These flowers, and especially their bold, warm colors, make me happy. I love the fall. But, what if you love fall and you aren’t going to be taking the class with Chef Nicholas Lodge this weekend? Don’t be sad, I got you covered.

As I was helping to prepare for class this weekend, I was thinking that everyone should be able to enjoy making beautiful fall flowers! Obviously, not every can travel to Atlanta to take our class (although… you did have plenty of time to sign up… :), so I thought I would remind everyone that Chef Nicholas has two fantastic Craftsy classes that showcase flowers and foliage in bright, bold fall colors!

First up, is Sweet Seasons: Fall Foliage. The name says it all- you’ll be the learning classic fall favorites maple leaves, bittersweet berries, and pumpkins! Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, so this class will have you all ready for fall holiday cakes. This class, and the foliage that Chef Nicholas shares, is perfect to enjoy on a crisp fall night with a pumpkin spice latte in your hand (sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing in a pumpkin spice joke!).

Next up is a class that might surprise you at first- Sweet Seasons: Summer Sunflower. Yes, you read that correctly- SUMMER sunflower. It’s true that for many people, sunflower conjure memories of sunny green fields with giant golden flowers. For me, I think of heading to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins (for Halloween jack-o-lanterns), but also sunflowers. Every year the pumpkin patch we visit has a huge field of big bright sunflowers, and we come home with pumpkins and sunflowers. I think that the warm golden color, and sometimes bright orange, of the sunflower is perfect for fall cakes! I also think that once you watch Chef Nicholas’ Summer Sunflower class you will agree with me!

If you want to try one of these class, or you want to try both, you are in luck because I have 50% off links for each of these classes. Yay! For each class, just click the name (or on the photos above)- Sweet Seasons: Fall Foliage and Sweet Seasons: Summer Sunflower. I hope you give both classes a try this fall, and be sure to share your projects on the Craftsy platform- Chef Nicholas loves seeing everyone’s work!

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  1. Joined these craftsy classes and Chef Lodge is great at the way he teaches us to complete the foliage. I am on crafting hold for a short time while the house is being remodeled. Can’t wait to get back to the classes.

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