Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!


Ok, I kind of lied. There are no planes involved in this blog. However, there are trains and automobiles! We recently got in some new cutter sets and Chef Nicholas made the most adorable cake! Basically, if there is a little boy you know who likes cars and or trains, we have got two new products for you! The FMM Car Cutter Set and the FMM Train Cutter Set!

DSC 7019 FINAL1 1270x1280

Second view of Chef Nicholas’ cute new cake! Photo: S. Ewing

Chef Nicholas used both of these sets to create his newest two-tiered cake! The top layer was designed with the new car set, featuring a taxi cab and police car. The bottom layer features a super cute brightly colored train engine and cars. The FMM Car Cutter Set comes with a cute VW Beetle style car and wheel cutters. Chef Nicholas, being who he is, modified the simple car into a taxi and police car just by adding a little light to the top of each! Seriously, I never think of the little things like that myself. The FMM Train Cutter set includes the train engine, passenger cars, and the coal/cargo car (oh, and the wheels as well). 

There are a few other sets also featured on Chef Nicholas’ new cake… but they are not a train or a car (or a plane). Nope, I’m talking about the light and fluffy clouds! The FMM Cloud Cutter set is very nice; it includes five different cloud cutters- obviously all your cloud needs can be met with this one set! Ha! In another stroke of genius (cause he IS Chef Nicholas), the FMM Picket Fence Cutter can be used to make perfect train rails on your cake board; just lop off the pointy end, and bam! Railroad tracks. Finally, the little red balloon that is floating away was created using the FMM Child’s Play Tap-It set.


FMM Cloud Cutter Set. Photo: S. Ewing

Picket Fence

FMM Picket Fence Cutter. Photo: S. Ewing

Childs play tap it

Child’s Play Tap-It Set; you can see the balloon on the bottom right. Photo: S. Ewing

There you have it. With just a few easy-peasy cutters you can create a magical mechanical cake! I can think of quite a few little boys in my life who would be blow away by a cake like this, what about you?!

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