2017 Grand Holiday Open House!!


Here in Atlanta, the weather has been warm and beautiful. It can be difficult to remember that it’s fall and no longer summer. At ISAC, there are many things to remind us that autumn is here. The most fun and exciting is our Grand Holiday Open House! As many of you know, each November we open our two classrooms and host wonderful demonstrations by Chef Nicholas and an uber talented special guest instructor. This year is no different! On Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12, Chef Nicholas and Tunde Dugantsi will each be sharing their amazing skills with all of our guests. YAY!

Gingerbread cookie candle holders! Photo: Tunde Dugantsi

Chef Nicholas is already planning his demo projects. I would share the theme with you, but he is always so secretive about his projects! So, sadly I have no clues to give you. Boo! Luckily, I DO know what our fabulous guest instructor will be teaching!

Tunde Dugantsi and Chef Nicholas met earlier this year at CookieCon, and he was instantly impressed with her skills and talent. Tunde is known as the Gingerbread Artist- a well-deserved moniker. Tunde is more than just good with gingerbread; she is like the queen of gingerbread! If you visit her website and peruse her galleries you will be speechless at the designs, intricate piping work, and intuitive ideas! For her Open House demos, Tunde will be showing the students how to use gingerbread cookies to create holiday candle holders! Just think how impressed (and jealous) your family and friends will be when they compliment your beautiful and edible candle holders! Tunde told me that she will have some other fun ideas and designs to share, but hey… I want you to be surprised!

If you love holiday cookies, gingerbread cookies, and decorating, then you will definitely want to sign up for Tunde’s two classes after our Open House event! On Sunday, November 12, Tunde will be teaching a half day class (after the final session of Sunday’s Open House). I am really looking forward to this class: Winter Landscape Cookies! Each of the cookies in this class will be decorated with a beautiful and finely detailed winter scene! These scenes feature cozy homes with smoke rising from chimneys, snowcapped evergreen trees, and of course falling snow! They are simply gorgeous.

Winter Landscape cookies! Photo: Tunde Dugantsi

On Monday, November 13, Tunde will be teacher a full day class: Lace Cookie Designs. For this class, Tunde will teach students her methods for designing lace inspired piping on gingerbread cookies. These are some of the most stylish and sophisticated cookies that I have ever seen. Tunde’s cookies clearly make quite an impression on Chef Nicholas since he invited her to our Grand Holiday Open House on the spot! I’m sure that she will impress all of our Open House guests and her students as well. 

Lace design cookies. Photos: Tunde Gugantsi

If you haven’t yet signed up for our Grand Holiday Open House, there are still seats left in each session. You can sign up by calling at 1-800-662-8925, or registering online here. Don’t forget to register for Tunde’s incredible classes! If you’d like to register for either of Tunde’s classes just click their names: Winter Landscape Cookies and Lace Cookie Designs

Before I sign off for this week, I want to announce the winners of last week Renshaw’s New Colors blog! There were TWO winners:

Stephanie Hutchins and Frances Rose! 

I will be emailing both winners to confirm shipping details for their free colors! Congratulations ladies!!!

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