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Chef Nicholas has been in “the biz” for quite some time, and he is always on the lookout for tools or tricks to make decorating cakes easier, faster, or more efficient. If you have taken a class with him in person, on Craftsy, or watched one of his demos, then I am sure you have had a moment where he uses a cake decorating tool (or even a common kitchen tool) in a new and innovative way! I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “Oh, man! Why didn’t I think of that?!” or “That’s going to make things so much easier!”

Well, sometimes you need something that just doesn’t exist yet- necessity is the mother of invention after all.  Well, Chef Nicholas has recently debuted three new items in his exclusive NL E-Z product line to make cake decorating easier for everyone! Oh, and there may just be a fantastic special offer in this blog as well!

 The NL E-Z Release Stick (see photo above) looks like a little tube of chapstick. Don’t be fooled, this is no chapstick, it is a seriously handy tool to add to your decorating bag of tricks! The NL E-Z Release Stick will be your best friend if you use any type of cutters! When cutting gumpaste with Patchwork Cutters, Tap-Its, or any other intricate cutter, just rub the cutter with a bit of the Release and your gumpaste will come off so easily your head will spin! You can also rub a bit on the smooth side of the NL Patchwork/Tap-It Mat to secure your gumpaste while using the cutters. This little NL E-Z Release Stick does double duty to keep your life simple! Oh, and if you love the NL E-Z Release Stick so much you need more, it comes in a larger size, the NL E-Z Release Pot! You just get a dab on your finger and rub it onto whatever cutter you are using. Easy-peasy.

A question we get quite often at ISAC is how to adhere items to the side of a cake. Chef Nicholas has come up with his NL E-Z Glue. It is perfect for sticking light weight and soft accents like fondant bows, drapes, or flat shapes/designs. This glue is wonderful when you are working with soft rolled fondant. It comes in a bottle with an applicator tip, but Chef Nicholas also has a refillable bottle, the NL E-Z Glue Roller; this is a great product because the roller ball applicator ensures you don’t apply more than you need. No one wants excess glue oozing down their cake! 

NL E-Z Glue and NL E-Z Glue Roller

If you often work with heavier design elements, then Chef Nicholas designed the NL E-Z Super Bond just for you. The Super Bond is ideal for attaching heavy gumpaste flowers or brooches and even works well with isomalt! Unlike the NL E-Z Glue, NL E-Z Super Bond is designed to work with dry items. In fact, if you love making wafer paper flowers, then you are in luck. the NL E-Z Super Bond will not dissolve the wafer paper, ensuring perfect blooms everytime!

If you are, like our dear Chef Nicholas, a very organized cake decorator then you might be excited to hear that we have a handy-dandy holder for these new products! The NL E-Z Acrylic Holder keep everything neat, clean, and right at your fingertips. 

All of these products just recently debuted at the Austin Cake Show, and the absolute best part? They are all very affordable; these products are a game changer, and they won’t break the bank.

I’d love to know which of these new E-Z products you are most excited to try! If you bought yourself some already, I’d love to know which product you found most helpful. AND! For a limited time only, we are offering an E-Z Bundle for just $20!! The bundle includes one each of the NL E-Z Release Pot, NL E-Z Release Super Bond (with Applicator Tool), NL E-Z Glue (2oz), NL E-Z Glue Roller, NL E-Z Acrylic Holder. If you order this E-Z Bundle by Friday, May 8, 2016, you will also receive the NL E-Z Release Stick for FREE! You can order the complete bundle by clicking here.

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