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Open House and the Winners of the SnowGlobe Competitions

And the winners are…

First things first… I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Snow Globe Competition! The First Place winner in the youth category is Annabelle Columbo. In the adult category the Second Place winner is Lourdes Diaz, and the First Place winner is Christopher Taylor! Congratulations to all the winners and competitors, thank you for taking part in our fun holiday contest!

Annabelle Columbo

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Lourdes Diaz

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Christopher Taylor

Open House Photos

Last year after the ISAC Grand Holiday Open House I did a photo blog; I let the photos of the event speak for themselves. I think I will continue that tradition this year. Before I roll out all the photos, let me tell you about this past weekend. This year we did things a bit differently, normally there is one guest instructor, Scott, and Chef Nicholas all share in their demonstrations. This year, however, we had not one but TWO guest instructors! It was pretty amazing! Three amazing cake and sugar artists showcasing each of their individual skills and talents. To start off this new double guest instructor tradition, we were lucky to have Sidney Galpern and Joshua John Russell! Sidney is an isomalt prodigy and Joshua is a veteran (and WINNER) of Food Network Challenge and a finalist on Last Cake Standing.  Not only were our Open House guests lucky to enjoy Sidney, Joshua, and Chef Nicholas, even more lucky students were able to take classes with Sidney and Joshua! Without further delay, I hope you enjoy our photo blog of the 2015 ISAC Grand Holiday Open!

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Sidney and Joshua’s classes

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Sidney’s selfie with one of her classes. She’s adorable and amazingly talented. I think she should be my BFF.

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Not gonna lie. I kinda wish Josh was my BFF too. Do you think Sidney or Josh are taking applications?

There you have it my friends! We had a really wonderful time hosting all of our guests this past weekend at ISAC’s Grand Holiday Open House. The entire ISAC family sincerely hopes that you enjoyed our new double guest instructor format! If you missed the opportunity to experience our event this weekend, don’t fret! Our Spring Open House will be held on March 12, 2016… and yes, we will again have two guest instructors to delight you! If you would like sign up to attend, just give us a call at 1-800-662-8925 to secure your seat.

Oh, and don’t forget- you still have time to enter to win the free four hour private class with Chef Nicholas! All you need to do is send me (yes, me! I’m collecting all the responses before giving them to Chef Nicholas) your answer to the following question: Why would (my friend) and I like to win a private four-hour class with Chef Nicholas Lodge. You can respond either for yourself, or yourself and a friend! That’s right, we’re generous like that! Please include BOTH YOUR FULL NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR RESPONSE; if you do not include both your name and email we cannot consider your answer. So, please email me ( no later than midnight on December 19, 2016. After Chef Nicholas reads through all the submissions he will select a winner, and I will announce said winner on the blog on December 24, 2016. 

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