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Over the last year, you have all be excited about Chef Nicholas’ Craftsy classes and equally excited about the prospect of new Craftsy classes taught by Chef Nicholas. Luckily for all of you, 2016 is your Craftsy year! Chef Nicholas has been filming loads of classes for each of you to enjoy, buth mini-classes and full length classes! 

This past Monday was the initial launch date of the second mini-class in a series of four: Sweet Seasons- Cherry Blossoms. Unfortunately, Craftsy had to push back the release date unexpectedly until February 22, 2016. I wanted to apologize for this delay first and foremost! Chef Nicholas and I were disappointed in the delay, but never fear! The class will be released next month; maybe Craftsy just wants to build up more anticipation and torture us all! Don’t think I am holding out on you either, we at ISAC (not even Chef Nicholas) haven’t even seen a sneak peek video of the Sweet Seasons- Cherry Blossoms class! 

I don’t like sharing bad news, so I also have some happy Craftsy news to share with you all this week! Next Monday Chef Nicholas and Craftsy will be launching a FULL LENGTH class! Lovely Lilies will be Chef Nicholas’ seventh full length Craftsy class (including the mini-classes, this makes eight!)! Oh, and we have triple-checked, this class really will launch next Monday, January 18, 2016. In this class Chef Nicholas will go over several varieties of lilies. You will learn how to make buds, leaves, realistic stems, and learn the differences between the stamens of each variety to create the most realistic lilies ever!

Now, I know Chef Nicholas has a lot of flower class (well, duh- he is the king of sugar flowers!), but for those of you who make wedding cakes, this is a class not to miss. Why you ask? Well, loads of brides love flowers on their wedding cakes. Some brides want sugar flowers and some want real flowers on their cake. Many real flowers are safe to put on cakes, heck, loads of flowers are perfectly edible. Well, guess what? NOT LILIES! Nope, they are highly toxic and not at all safe for use on or near food (like a wedding cake). Many brides choose lilies as their wedding flowers, and if they want lilies on their cake then sugar flowers are the ONLY safe route to go! That means you need to go ahead and get this class! 

ANNNNDDDD, because we love you here at ISAC and Craftsy, we are doing another giveaway! Yup, just click here to enter to win this class for free! You need to enter by Sunday January 17, 2016. I will notify the winner via email on Monday (once the class launches!). 

Well, that wraps up what I have to share this week. I want to apologize again for the delay in release of Sweet Seasons- Cherry Blossoms. However, I hope that you are all equally excited about Lovely Lilies! I know I am!


Sweetly yours, 


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