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We are continuing our trend of rolling out more 2016 classes! This time I am excited to share two more upcoming Studio B classes! I am particularly excited about both of these classes, and I am more than excited to share them with all of you! ISAC will be welcoming Kathy Scott in March and Dot Klerck in May! 

 On March 13, Certified Master Sugar Artist Kathy Scott will be teaching Petit Fours and Sweet Little Cakes in Studio B! I’m going to tell you a little secret about myself. I LOVE PETIT FOURS!! I could eat 50 of them in one sitting (ok, maybe not 50… more like 47). I have tried making petit fours exactly twice, and both times were complete disasters. I could not get my cake layers even, I failed miserably at enrobing my tiny hideous cakes in poured fondant, and I made an enormous mess in my kitchen with not much to show for it. So I have resigned myself to purchasing the sweet little cakes as special treat for myself. Well, I am hoping that Kathy Scott will change all that for me! As I said, Kathy is a Certified Master Sugar Artist, but also world famous decorator, instructor, and sugar art competition judge! She is the owner of the custom Bakery Sweet Expressions, and has developed her own line of cake decorating equipment. She has also been the president of ICES FOUR TIMES! Wowza! 

Petit Fours

In Kathy’s hands on class, she will be teaching her students and easy (thank you!) and profitable (hooray!) By using special seasonal decorations and unique packaging, Kathy will share all her secrets to success to ensure that your petit fours are the hit of your next party! Oh, the best part is you go home with your very own yummy petit fours to share with friends (or in my case, eat in a closet while hiding from your three year old so you don’t have to share. Ha!). This class about little cakes is also a little class- It’s only five hours, from 9am-1pm! Why not treat yourself to some fun and join Kathy and the ISAC family in Studio B for Petit Fours and Sweet Little Cakes?!

In May ISAC will welcome Chef Dot Klerck, and Clyde the Giraffe, to Studio B! (See photo at the top of this post) This is another really terrific class, and involves creating a sculpted cake from initial drawing to completion! Students will start out by designing the cake and learning how to calculate correct proportions (nothing like doing math homework during a cake class, right?!). Once you have calculated the proportions you will be able to create templates for each side of your cake that properly fit together! Chef Dot will also teach students how to design a secure, stable structure for the cake! Creating a perfect 3D cake is definitely the work of careful planning! Once your plans and structure are ready to go, Chef Dot will use step by step instructions on how to carve, sculpt, and complete your cake, including how to sculpt a realistic giraffe face and hand paint your finished cake!

This is one of those classes that I’m always saying will teach you so much more than a giraffe. As I said, creating a 3D cake takes a lot of work, this class, and Chef Dot, includes instruction on how to careful plan your design, structure, and cake. Using these tools will ease the process of creating a 3D cake of any design- not just a giraffe. If you have been wanting to learn how to construct 3D cakes or want more practice, I would highly recommend taking Chef Dot’s Clyde the Giraffe class!

So, those are the two new additions to our Studio B line up in 2016. Before I sign off, I’d like to share one last thing; on Monday Chef Nicholas’ newest Craftsy class, Lovely Lilies, was launched! I wanted to share a link for $20 (50%) off the new class with you! Hooray!  All you have to do is click the photo of the class below, and enjoy the class for half off!

Lovely Lilies


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