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Spring Open House and Susan Carberry!

The ISAC Spring Open House is just three weeks away on March 28, 2015! Unlike our Grand Holiday Open House, the spring event is only one day. One of the sessions has already filled up, but there are still three others you can sign up for. The sessions are filling up quickly, so if you want to come, give us a call today or sign up online! The best part about this year’s event is that Susan Carberry will be our very special guest instructor at Open House and then staying on after to teach THREE different classes in Studio B! Dying to know more about Susan and her classes? Well, allow me to enlighten you!

Susan Carberry took her first cake decorating class over 12 years ago. She was bitten by the decorating bug immediately, and before long she was entering competitions and joining cake clubs. After just a year, Susan began teaching her own cake decorating classes! Talk about a quick study! Just two years after her first class, Susan started working as the lead cake designer at one of the most sought after bakeries in Orange County, California. At this time, Susan began teaching and demonstrating her sugar art techniques all over the US.

Susan and her edible works of art have won many awards and been featured in numerous cake decorating magazines. Most impressively, Susan competed on the Food Network show Top Five, winning first place with her amazing 3D cookies. She was also featured on two episodes of Ultimate Cake Off, winning second place on her first appearance, and taking first place on her second appearance. She was also chosen to create the centerpiece cake for the 2010 ICES convention in San Diego; the cake was over 13 feet tall and featured many famous San Diego sites, and a remote controlled seal that would squirt passerby’s with water! Susan is now a certified ICES instructor, and enjoys teaching classes all over the US when she isn’t at her shop, The Cake Cottage. In all of her classes, Susan is careful to make sure all of her students enjoy themselves, have fun, and learn all the necessary techniques needed to create beautiful pieces of edible art!

At ISAC, we are so excited to share three different classes with Susan in late March! Each class is just one day, but they are all packed with amazing techniques! On March 29th, Susan will be teaching her Good Morning Mr. Snail class in which students will use cookie dough to create a whimsical snail, butterfly, and flowers! Susan will also show her students how to use melting chocolate to assemble the pieces and decorate with rolled fondant and dusting powders. This is a three hour class, perfectfor those who cannot commit to a full days class.

Susan Carberry Snail 1280x960

Susan’s second class, Bringing Home Baby on March 30th, is a two for one! In the first half of the class students will create an adorable baby buggy that would look fabulous as a cake topper. In the second half of the class Susan will teach her students how to make a charming stork that stands over a foot tall! Rolled fondant, rice cereal treats, and modeling chocolate will be used to make both projects, and instructions on how to create a larger baby buggy are included in the class.

Susan Carberry Bringing home baby buggy 151x200

For her final class in Studio B, Susan is teaching Springtime Showers on March 31st. This class is chock full of amazing techniques: cake carving, flower instruction (flowers will be premade due to timing but students will color them in class), chocolate molding, airbrush shading, figure modeling, and so much more! Susan will show you how to create your spring garden by making several flowers using fondant and gumpaste. Due to time restraints we will be using premade flowers that you will make lifelike with techniques in dusting powders. Rain boots are so popular these days, this cake is sure to impress all of your clients!

Susan Carberry Springtime showers 188x251

Susan Carberry is a wonderful instructor, and there are so many opportunities to enjoy her classes at ISAC next month! Whether it be at our Spring Open House or in one (or ALL) of her three classes in Studio B, we would love for you all to have the chance to take a class with Susan!

Chef Nicholas’s NEWER Craftsy Class!

On Monday, Chef Nicholas’ new Craftsy class, Sugar Flowers Out of the Box, launched! If you haven’t already treated yourself to the class, I would like to generously share a link with all of you; this link will get you the class for just $14.99! Click here for that super sweet deal.

 out of the box

Oh, and guess what? Chef Nicholas has another Craftsy class, Romantic Garden Roses, launching this coming Monday!!! That’s in just four days!! Hip hip hooray! Want some even better news? You can enter for a chance to win this class too! All you have to do is click here to enter! You just have to enter by March 8, 2015… so you should probably go ahead and click that link now! Once the class launches next Monday, I will email the winner, and share a 50% off link for that class on facebook, instagram, and twitter! I love sharing with you. Sharing is caring!

Garden roses

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