Greetings from Tokyo, Japan!! Just kidding- I’m not lucky enough to be in Japan, but Chef Nicholas is that lucky! Last week Chef Nicholas flew out to teach two weeks of classes at his school; The Nicholas Lodge International Sugar Art Collection Japan. We’ve been missing him at lot here at ISAC in the good ol’ USA, but it looks like he and his students are having the time of thier lives from the photos. I normally only do photoblogs after our Open House events, but I thought I would make an exception for our fantastic Japanese students! Hope you enjoy seeing everything they have created so far!


Headed off to Japan with just a few pieces of luggage!


Chef Selfie!

One of the display cases at Chef’s school in Japan

This looks a little different than the fliers I make for classes in Atlanta!

Set up for the Tulip class!

Chef brought Renshaw all the way to Japan!

Fun times with students after class!

I have no idea where this is, and it has nothing to do with Chef Nicholas’ class, but he posted it and it made me laugh!

Also, if you haven’t yet nominated Chef Nicholas Lodge for the Cake Masters Award for Best Learning Experience, please consider doing so. Chef Nicholas has dedicated his life to teaching cake decorating and the sugar arts around the world for over 30 years. He would love to be a finalist, and ultimate winner, in honor of all the students he has reached over his illustrious career! Just click the button below to get to the Cake Master Awards nominations page. Thank you so much!

And, while you are nominating Chef Nicholas, the entire ISAC family would also like to ask that you please nominate Scott Ewing in the Best Cake Support category. If Chef Nicholas is the heart and soul of ISAC, than Scott is the backbone. He tirelessly supports Chef Nicholas’ career, and also each of the cake decorators that walk through our doors to shop, take classes, or just ask for advice. Scott travels to cake decorating shows and conventions with Chef Nicholas, prepares breakfasts, homemade lunches, and freshly baked cookies during classes at our Atlanta location. Scott is always working to better Chef Nicholas’ career and the International Sugar Art Collection to ensure that our students and clients are always happy! Scott has always been there for us, and we’d like to show him how much that has meant to us, and hopefully to all of you who are lucky to know him! 

Sweetly yours, 


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