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Patchwork Cutter Perfection

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to take some great action photos during the Modern Marie Antoinette cake class. The cake had so many intricate designs, details, and embellishments- it was amazing to see how beautifully everything fit together. Half-way through the second day of class, Chef Nicholas demonstrated how to lace up the corset. What stood out to me once he was finished, was the adorable, and perfect, little bows at the top and bottom of the corset laces. When Chef Nicholas showed the students just how easy it was to make the bows, a light bulb went on, and I knew I had to share these bows with you on the blog! 

Chef Nick Marie Antoinette Patchwork Bow detail

On the left is Chefs Nicholas and Lauren’s (unfinished) Modern Marie Antoinette Cake after the bows were attached. On the right is a close up of one of the bows.

Patchwork Bows

First thing you will need is the Patchwork Cutter Make a Bow Set! Well, ok, you probably need a cake and some gumpaste first, but you get my point. These bad boys will ensure that you make perfect bows EVERYTIME! Chef Nicholas is so speedy with patchwork cutters that I completely missed getting a photo of the process. However, the students in the Modern Marie Antoinette class were more than happy to model for me and the blog!


process shotsprocess shots

First you take the part that looks like a bikini top and fold the pointed edges into towards the center and secure with edible glue.

process shotsprocess shots

Next, you place the bow onto the tail part and fold the top over and secure it with edible glue. Finally- oh, nevermind. You’re done! This happened so fast that I could barely take photos fast enough- Melonie had to stop for me more than once! If you want to make your life even easier while making these bows, get yourself a fabulous NL Multi Cutter Pad (the black pad pictured in the preceeding four photographs). The Multi Cutter Pad is pretty versatile- it is compatible with both Patchwork Cutters and JEM Cutters!

process shots

Tada! Look at Mary Virgina- she is stunned at how easy that perfect little bow was to make!

photo 1-4


















If you want to jazz up that little bow, you can dust it with some luster! That’s really it. That’s how simple it is to make these Beaux Bows! The students loved the bows so much that many of them added additional bows to their cakes! Thanks for Melonie and Mary Virginia for sharing your Patchwork Make a Bow Set bows on our blog! 

Have you tried these cutters yet? Tell us what you think!

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  1. Took his class in Michigan, and learned how to make them. They really come out perfect. I’ve made 82 of them for wedding cupcakes for this fall. Everyone will love them!

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