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Chef Nicholas, Renshaw Americas’ Brand Ambassador, has been in Liverpool, England all week. He, and the nine Brand Ambassador Partners, have been having an amazing time visiting the Renshaw headquarters! On Monday they took a fabulous tour of the Renshaw Factory, seeing where all the amazing products are made (not just for us, but for the royal family as well!!). They also got to spend some time at the state of the art Renshaw Academy!

Well, I didn’t think it was fair for those lucky ducks to get all the Renshaw love. Nope. So I wanted to share some of my own Renshaw goodness with you, including their new, and absolutely AMAZING, color guide! 

 This little color guide has a lot to offer. It can help ensure that you can create the exact same colors time and time again! All you need is a good quality scale; measuring in grams is preferable and more accurate, but ounces could be used as well. Now that you have your scale ready and set to grams, I bet you are wondering how you can recreate hard to make colors exactly. Well, let me show you!

Renshaw Color guide, showing color rations for ivory, yellow, and orange.
Renshaw color guide showing ratios for red and pink.
Renshaw color guide showing ratios for green and bright green.

LOOK AT ALL THOSE SHADES OF COLORS! You will notice that under each shade, there is a clear ratio of how many grams you will need to combine to create the perfect color for your project! Oh, and this is only half of the colors on the color guide! Navy, blue, aqua, purple, bright purple, brown, and black shades are all featured on the back side of the color guide. There are 84 different color combinations on this handy dandy color chart! Love color, indeed!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these incredibly helpful Renshaw Love Color guide, then you are in luck… for now… Here at ISAC we are including them with our in-store purchases until we run out! Next time you come into the ISAC retail gallery and make a purchase, please ask for one to take home with you! Then you will be able to recreate all 84 colors as often as you’d like. 

We may not be hanging out at Renshaw headquarters in Liverpool, but we can certainly enjoy the Renshaw Difference right here in the USA! Thanks for being awesome, Renshaw, and creating this fabulous color guide to use with your fabulous colored rolled fondant! 

 ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: December 2007 brings the enlargement of the Nicholas Lodge classroom at ISAC, and the instalation of a overhead camera and large screen HD televisions for students.

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