Beautiful Butterflies, Birds, and Blooms!


We always love getting new products in the retail gallery at ISAC! It is even more exciting when we know the product comes from a high end vendor like Katy Sue. In the past, I had written a blog post about the Katy Sue Creative Cake System molds. Now I am pleased to share three more Katy Sue silicone molds that are newly arrived to ISAC: mini butterflies, blossoms & birds, and rose stems. 

 Chef Nicholas and the ISAC team are huge fans of the Katy Sue Design silicon molds. They are highly detailed and made out of high quality silicone. The new Mini Butterfly mold has, well, mini butterflies! There are three sizes: large (1 1/4 inch by 1 inch), medium (1 inch by 3/4 inch), and small (1/2 inch by 1/2 inch). Each size has two different designs, for a total of six different mini butterflies. 

Photo: Katy Sue Deigns

 Next up is the Rose Stem mold. The mold has two sizes of double rose stems, three single rose stems, and one extra leaf. Of course you can use this mold for wedding cakes, Mother’s Day cakes, bridal shower cakes- any feminine cake really. You can paint the roses or use colored paste. But what could you do with a black rose? I bet you think I’m a little crazy. Well, if you hired to make a cake for a bachelorette party and a black lace design is needed? To be fair, you could make a rose lace design in any color! The largest rose group in this mold is 2 3/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches. 

Photo: Katy Sue Designs

Finally, the Blossoms & Birds mold. Ok… I will admit that I do not like birds. They creep me out. So, when I first saw this mold I wasn’t at all interested in it. However, it is my job to tell you about fun new products, so I continued on with my research. As I was looking through the information and specifications on this mold, I looked through some photos on Katy’s Sue website and on their Facebook page. That is when I saw the design that instantly made me want this mold! I may not love birds, but I do love Halloween. Using this bird mold, and some black gumpaste, you can make a perfect raven to decorate Halloween cakes or cookies! That little black bird could perch on a cauldron or pumpkin. If you are into pirates, just paint the bird in bright colors. Shiver me timbers! You have a parrot! For a romantic wedding cake, create some white or ivory doves! All I needed was one flash of inspiration to realize how great this mold really was, despite my initial hesitation. As the name suggests, BLOSSOMS & Birds, the three birds of this mold are not alone. There are also three sizes of blossoms (with branches), leaves, and single blossoms. These different design elements range in size from the largest bird (3 inches by 3 1/4 inch) down to the individual blossom flower piece (1/2 inch by 1/2 inch).

Photo: Katy Sue Designs

Katy Sue Designs has great resources both on their website and on their Facebook page. There are loads of photos (where I found the rose stem lingerie and the raven Halloween bird!) and tutorial videos! I definitely recommend trying out the molds and the tutorial videos! 

Before I let you free from this week’s blog. I wanted to ask: have you noticed all of the 25th Anniversary Fun Facts that I have been adding to the end of each blog? Well, it has been leading up to July 17, 2017: International Sugar Art Collection’s 25th Anniversary! This isn’t just a happy occasion, this is a huge achievement! Only about one third of small businesses survive longer than 10 years. Only one quarter survive over 15 years! ISAC is a full 10 years past that! This is truly a HUGE deal. In order to celebrate this momentous event, Chef Nicholas, Scott, and the ISAC team, will be hosting a special event in our Norcross, Georgia retail gallery and store. There will be light refreshments and we would love to see all of our past students, clients, and customers! This celebration is not just about Chef Nicholas and Scott- all of you have had a hand in getting ISAC to our golden anniversary!  

You are all cordially invited to the International Sugar Art Collection on July 15, 2017 from 10am until 2pm. Please come out and help us celebrate!

In honor of our little party, I wanted to leave you with some photos of Chef Nicholas’ classroom at ISAC, as it was 25 years ago! Thank you Scott for sharing these photos! It’s so strange seeing the classroom with no Chef Nicholas green!


ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: In 2003 Nicholas is a judge at the 10th Annual National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, NC.

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