Grand Holiday Open House 2018!

Today is November 1, 2018. That means that our annual Grand Holiday Open House is just 17 days away! EEEK! I thought I would do a quick post this week, giving you all the nitty gritty (or should I say sugary sweet) details on our event this year! First of all, you need to know the dates, right?

This year, ISAC’s Grand Holiday Open House is on the weekend of November 17-18. As in years past, there will be several sessions over Saturday and Sunday. There will be three sessions on Saturday, and one session on Sunday; Saturday sessions will be held at 9am (sold out), 12pm, and 3pm, the Sunday session will begin at 9am. Each session is three and a half hours long, and each session will present the EXACT same demonstrations. Besides the 9am session on Saturday November 17, there are still some seats available in each of the other sessions. There is a $15.00 fee to register, and once you check in the day of the open house, you will receive a $5.00 to be used on any purchase at ISAC on the same day! Yay! As always, please remember that due to some demonstrations using hot sugar mixtures, extremely hot equipment, large crowds, and for the safety, comfort and enjoyment for everyone, we ask that small children and babies in strollers not attend the open house. We thank you sincerely for your understanding.

Now, on to our special guest this year- Sandra Beltran from You Can Call Me Sweetie! If you are a fan of Sandra’s blog, you will know that she makes amazingly beautiful cookies. When I went to her website to grab the links, I fell into the rabbit hole of her cookie photo galleries! I was totally engrossed with zooming in on each photo to gawk are her amazing attention to detail. I spent a good half hour looking at her photos before remembering I was in the middle of writing this post! If you plan on attending our Grand Holiday Open House, then you are going to have the privilege of watching Sandra’s fun and festive cookie demonstration. These holiday cookies are going to wow you! Personally, I myself cannot wait for her demonstration! I have been looking forward to it ever since Molly showed me Sandra’s suggested projects earlier this year. Oh, and you lucky ducks even get the opportunity to sign up for some hands on classes with Sandra as well! After open house Sandra is teaching 3 five-hour classes! Each class is a collection of cookies, and each collection is absolutely gorgeous! The Unicorn Bliss cookie collection class has already sold out (not at ALL surprised, I love rainbows and unicorns and this class is ALL that and a bag of whimsy), but the sleek and sophisticated Art Deco Cookie Collection class (think of glitz, glamour, and The Great Gatsby), and the Bohemian Love Cookie Collection (a free-spirted but stylish cookie collection) each have a few seats still available for interested students. FYI0 You cannot sign up for any of Sandra’s class on our ISAC website!!! She is hosting the registration for HER CLASSES on her own website. Scroll down until you see the classes held at Nicholas Lodge International Sugar Art Collection. **OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION IS ON OUR WEBSITE!!**

Sandra’s three hands on classes at ISAC, offered after our Grand Holiday Open House

I know you are all dying to know what new tricks and tips and mind blowing ideas Chef Nicholas Lodge is planning on sharing with you all this year. He never fails to pull out ALL of the stops with his demos. Sadly, just like I have to tell you every year, Chef Nicholas doesn’t even tell us, his own ISAC family, what he is planning until the last minute. Sometimes I have an inkling on what he might be doing. Sometimes Molly catches a glimpse of what he is working on, or perhaps he asks Ann to prepare paste in a specific color that gives us a clue. But this year he has been traveling so frequently, that I have absolutely no idea what he is planning to dazzle you all with this year. Of course, that means when he starts his magic, I will be there oohing and ahhing along with all of you! I am pretty excited!

Chef Nicholas from the 2017 Grand Holiday Open House! What does he have in store for all of us this year?!

To sign up for our Grand Holiday Open house, click on the following links; choose the date and time that works for you! If are interested in being added to the wait list for the 9am Saturday 11/17 Open House session, please call the store at 1-800-662-8925. Alternatively, if you have already registered, and know you will not be able to make it to any of the sessions, please call us and cancel your seat, many people would love to attend if you cannot not! Thanks!

Saturday 12pm-3:30pm Grand Holiday Open House Session

Saturday 3pm-6:30pm Grand Holiday Open House Session

Sunday 9am- 12:30pm Grand Holiday Open House Session. 


There are still seats available in these great classes this summer at ISAC! Click the links below to register now. 

English Over-Piped Elegant Wedding Cake with Ceri Griffiths, 11/7-8

Unicorn Bliss Cookie Collection with Sandra Beltran; 11/18

Art Deco Cookie Collection with Sandra Beltran; 11/19

Bohemian Love Cookie Collection with Sandra Beltran; 11/19


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