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I love my job. I love being warm. I love the beach. I love the Caribbean. It would be a GROSS underestimation to say I am upset Chef Nicholas didn’t take me along to Puerto Rico with him this weekend. Chef Nicholas was attending the Pastry Lovers Fest, and after seeing the photos, well… I’m even more jealous to be missing out! I normally reserve photo blogs only for after our ISAC Open House events or the National Gingerbread competition, but I just couldn’t resist! Enjoy!

Part of the Renshaw Americas Alice in Wonderland themed installation

The Renshaw Alice in Wonderland installation is… perfect. The red rose cupcakes, the dormouse, the teapots, the white rabbit and Chesire Cat cookies, and the, “Eat Me,” cookies are so whimsical that I am actually angry I couldn’t see it in person! Chef Nicholas said that hundreds and hundreds of people were taking photographs of all the different elements and details all day- Renshaw really outdid themselves! It’s no wonder that the Renshaw products were flying off the shelves so quickly that Chef Nicholas and the Renshaw team could barely keep up restocking! I hope that everyone in Puerto Rico trying Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant and Gumpaste, and the Ready to Use Royal Icing love these fabulous products just as much as we do!

Ok, enough about Renshaw (ha, let’s be serious, we can NEVER have enough Renshaw!), there was also a cheesecake competition! The competitors each received a mystery basket and had to create beautiful and tasty cheesecakes with the ingredients inside. This sounds a whole lot like my favorite show on Food Network (Chopped), so again… Stephanie is very jealous. Chef Nicholas was disappointed that there weren’t any Renshaw products in the basket, but he presevered to judge both cheesecakes! While he said both were very good, the rectangular cheesecake was the winner!


Mystery Basket!

Winner, winner, cheesecake dinner!

Finally, and possibly the cutest part of Pastry Lovers Fest- the Kids Cupcake Challenge! Six girls competed in baking, decorating, and displaying their cupcake creations. They were even judged on taste- no different than the adults! Chef Nicholas described these young ladies as amazingly talented and hardcore, and said that the skill level they display, at such a young age, is incredible. All six of the cake decorating prodigies should be proud of themselves- I can’t wait to see how they grow their skills!

Check out the crowd watching- no pressure for this little lady!

Judging time!!

This is the winning entry!!!

I think from now on I will hide in Chef Nicholas’ gigantic luggage. I want to go have fun at pasty and cake shows! I hope everyone who was lucky to attend had a wonderful time and love using their new Renshaw Americas products! I know you will all love the Renshaw Difference! And, of course, a BIG congratulations to all the winners this weekend!


ISAC 25th Anniversary Fact: In November 1994 ISAC moved into its first commercial space, suite D, at the current location. Additional suites were added as they became available.

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