No Rest for the Cake-y


Boy oh boy. Chef Nicholas is always a busy guy. This year, this fall specifically, Chef Nicholas is taking busy to a whole new level. Beginning on September 21, Chef Nicholas has not had a single day off. And he still has so much to do before the end of the year! I thought maybe I would just give you all a glimpse into Chef Nicholas’ schedule!

Chef Nicholas kicked off his whirlwind schedule with SweetFest Con in Atlanta September 21 and 22. From then things got crazy, and still are. I will just give you a list of Chef Nicholas’ activities, because… well, it’s a long list:


9/21-22- SweetFest Con, Atlanta
9/23-28- Six straight days of classes at ISAC.
9/28- Chef Nicholas finished his last class at 6.00pm and was on a 8:10pm flight to California
9/29- Set up and prep for class at The Cake Walk.
9/30-10/1- First of two two-day classes The Cake Walk.


10/2- Chef Nicholas moved to the second The Cake Walk location for set up and prep, California
10/ 3-4- Second two-day class The Cake Walk.
10/5- Pack up and move to Disneyland.
10/6- Disneyland for the rehearsal dinner of Chef Nicholas and Scott’s dear friends! (Remember, I said he hasn’t had a day off! Chef Nicholas held a Renshaw Difference Demo for the Disneyland pastry chefs!).
10/7- Wedding of dear friends at Disneyland.
10/8- Chef Nicholas and Scott fly home to Atlanta
10/9- Unpack and repack for Orlando’s Cake Fair. The Katy Sue Designs team arrived from the UK in the evening.
10/10- The Katy Sue Designs at ISAC for a working meeting.
10/11- Chef Nicholas and Scott drive Orlando, Florida.
10/12- Set up the vendor book at Cake Fair.
10/13-14 Cake Fair Show
10/15- Chef Nicholas flew Chicago, Illinois.
10/16-20- Chef Nicholas is currently teaching at the French Pastry School in Chicago.
10/21- Chef Nicholas will fly to St. Louis, Missouri for the Show Me Sweets Renshaw Difference demo.
10/22- Judge the cake competition and fly back to Chicago and the French Pastry School. 
10/23-27- Chef Nicholas will begin teaching his second week at the French Pastry School 
10/27- Fly home to Atlanta
10/28- Fly to Toronto, Canada to be a Celebrity Guest at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show
10/29- Chef Nicholas will present a Renshaw Difference demo at the show in the morning, and then fly home to Atlanta that evening.

October 30, Chef Nicholas will hopefully be able to get a day off!

Chef Nicholas will be teaching seminars at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show and the Show Me Sweets Edible Art and Cake Competition!


11/1-6- Chef Nicholas flies to the UK for Cake International Cake Show and Cake Masters Awards (He’s nominated for the Cake Hero Award!! Keep your fingers crossed!)
11/11-12- ISAC’s Grand Holiday Open House with guest Instructors Tunde Dugantsi and Reva Alexander-Hawk.
11/12-13- Tunde Dugantsi will teach two classes at ISAC.
11/17-21- Chef Nicholas and Scott head to Asheville, North Carolina. Chef Nicholas will be the Lead Judge for the 25th Annual National Gingerbread House Competition.
11/23- Thanksgiving! Hopefully, Chef Nicholas can get some nice quiet time with loved ones.

Oh, and he’s still not done! Chef Nicholas still has two more weeks to teach at the French Pastry School after Thanksgiving

Like I said at the beginning. BOY OH BOY. I truly don’t know how Chef Nicholas does it. All I know is he is truly dedicated to his craft and his students. I don’t know how he does it, but I know the students are WHY he does it. 


 ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: 2015- Nicholas Lodge is awarded “Blogger of the Year” by Craftsy and nominated for “Cake Decorator of the Year” by UK based “Cake Masters” cake decorating magazine.

Sweetly yours, 


2017 Finalist Cake Masters Awards Cake Hero

2017 Finalist for the Cake Masters Cake Hero Award

WINNER of the 2017 Golden Tier Educator of the Year Award


Winner of the 2015 Craftsy Blogger Award for Best Craftsy Cake Decorating Instructor Blog

Chef Nicholas Lodge: 2015 Finalist for the Cake Masters Cake Hero Award.

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