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A while back I shared a post on Chef Nicholas teaching at the French Pastry School (FPS) in Chicago. If you are a fan of Chef Nicholas’ Facebook page, you’ll know that his students finished up their Wedding Cake projects on Tuesday, and they are all spectacular! These students get wonderful instruction from Chef Nicholas (as anyone who has taken a class with him would agree), but they also have basic tool kits that provide all the essentials needed to make their Sweet 16 and Wedding Cake class projects. We sell these kits at ISAC specifically for the students at the French Pastry School, but I thought I would share all the included tools. Everyone needs to know the essentials to have in your cake decorating arsenal! Oh, and hey, maybe I’ll give some stuff away too. Who doesn’t love that?!

When I read over the comments posted onto the photos Chef Nicholas shares of his students’ cakes, there are lots of questions on how certain techniques were achieved, or what tools had been used. I thought, why not tell everyone what tools the students are using?! Heck, you might find a new tool you never thought to use, or realize a tool you already own can be used in an interesting new way! Below you will find a list of the tools in the French Pastry School Rolled Fondant Kit!

Fondant Smoother (X2)- needs no explanation! Everyone needs these guys! 

Mini Palette Knife– winner of our favorite things blog a while back. This guy is the ultimate multi-purpose tool.

Cutting Wheel– cut perfectly smooth lines with this little handy helper. Oh, and in case you’re wondering at his value, Chef Nicholas also uses it in nearly all of his Craftsy classes, and ISAC classes too!

NL Pearl Mold– a standard in many of Chef Nicholas’ classes, this mold will let you create a flawless strand of pearls.

Straight Frill Set #3– all together there are four different frill cutter sets. This one, #3 is simplest, but probably the most versatile.

Geometric Cutter Set– this is a tool that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This set has 10 different cutters (circles, ovals, and squares in varying sizes) and is only $6.99! Everyone should have this set of cutters!

Textured lace Set #1– This is a really beautiful, delicate set. I have it myself, and have used it countless times to give elegant details to my cakes. I’m partial to using to create elegant borders around my cakes!

Multi-Ribbon Cutter– another very useful tool! This little guy can make ribbons of rolled fondant in various sizes with various edging designs!

Dusting Powder Pump Brush– this is one of Chef Nicholas’ favorite tools! If you have taken a class with him, in person or on Craftsy, than you are already familiar with this tool! You can fill it with your favorite luster/pearl dusts and you can ensure you always use the right amount by just pressing the button!

Super Pearl Dusting Powder and White Sparkle Dusting Powder– these are two different products, but I am listing them together. Both give sheen or sparkle to your cakes and can be mixed with other colors to achieve the perfect shade for your project. Oh, and have you heard? They pair nicely with the Dusting Powder Pump Brush! :)

PME Piping Tip # 1, 2, 3, & 5- very high quality piping tips in a variety of sizes!

DVD Making Gumpaste & Covering a Cake with Rolled Fondant– I think this is self-explanatory!

Boy, that was a lot! But, hey- the tools listed above are really great basic, essential tools to have. I have nearly all of them myself, I think I’m only missing the geometric cutter set and the straight frill set. What about you? Do YOU have all these great tools in your own cake decorating tool box! Tell me which of these tools are your favorite and I will pick two winners from those who comment below (please be sure to include your email so that I can contact the winners!). One will win the Straight Frill Set #3 and the other will win the Geometric Cutter Set! I don’t think anyone should be without these two fun tools! If you would like to purchase any of the above tools to add to your collection, just click their names in the list above!

Sweetly yours,

Chef Nicholas and Stephanie

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  1. my name is Jennine and I use the mini palett knife a lot. I enter baked goods at the California State fair. My favorite entries are in the refrigerated pastry because i love the creativity of them. I am a student in a baking program at our community college and only have two classes left to get my degree. I have volunteered at 3 national Team Pastry competitions and put on by Michael Schneider and the national Pie competition in Florida. The last time I volunteered I worked with Colette Peters. I am an amateur but pastry is my life. Oh yes, I am 78 years old! email is

  2. Oh Wow, many thanks for sharing, I do own most of these tools except the straight frill set 3, multiple ribbon cutter and the geometric cutter set.
    I do agree that the mini palette knife is so handy for all sorts of jobs. But I must confess I love my dusting powder pump brush. I have 3, one with gold, another silver lustre dust and the third with super pearl dust. I use the super pearl the most. It saves time and prevents mess which u get if you have to use normal brush. It also gives an even spread of the dust. I use it to dust my edible lace, on fondant cupcakes, embossed fondant and it highlights all the details. I do recommend this tool to all cake decorators, for me its a must.

  3. Hi Chef Nicholas and Stephanie Are those tools for sale as i have a few but would really love to have such a kit My favourite tools and which i use all the time is the fondant smoother and pallete knife lol cant go without those

  4. Pearl dust, white sparkle and pearl mold – without a doubt these 3 definitely add the wow factor to my bridal shower and special occasion cakes! Just a few of the many things I’ve learned from Chef Lodge.

  5. Hi Kathleen! Yes all the above tools are for sale! Simply click the names above, and the links will take you to our shop to purchase the tools! The kit itself is only available to the French Pastry School students, however, we sell all the items individually in our shop!

  6. I use most of these tools. I think I need to do more research on better uses for the frill cutter. But far and above the rest is my cute little pallet knife. I use that almost every project I had to take , I love it. Thanks for sharing all your blogs with us

  7. I am ashamed to admit I only own two of these tools! I am just starting out, though. I am DYING to attend any and all of your courses offered in Atlanta. I was on the fence about attending the master class, but sadly it just filled up. Maybe next time! Since I only own a couple of tools I would say my favorite is the fondant smoother. Thanks for a chance to win and expand my kit!

  8. I have a few of these tool I also must admit I use the palette knife the most its so east to pick the small and thin and can help with some of the bigger things for that third hand that we don’t have lol Thank you

  9. I have everyone of them and in multiples!!Loretta

  10. Stephanie, thank you for putting things together for Nick’S blog. Very interesting and informative. I have most of the items listed and use the weekly making flowers for a bakery. The frills cutter is the only thing I do not have.

  11. This was a nice article as I enjoy seeing what the students at the French School create for the projects. Taking a class with Chef Lodge is definitely on my bucket list. One day it will happen. I have some of those items, but do not have the Geometric cutters or the Frill set, so they would be welcome additions to my supplies. My two favorite tools from your list are the mini palette knife and the cutting wheel. Any time I work with fondant, these tools (along with the fondant smoother) are the first things to come out. My email is

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