Happy Thanksgiving from the ISAC Family


I am thankful to be part of the ISAC family, and I am thankful to write this blog to connect you- our students, customers, clients, and cake decorators.. This week, Scott has written a wonderful Thanksgiving blog to share with all of you. I hope you all enjoy his message as much as I did when I first read it!

As cooler weather settles in, bringing with it the colors of fall, I know that Thanksgiving and the holidays will soon be upon us.

I have always enjoyed the fall season. Something about the rich earth-tone colors has always appealed to me. I went to college in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, and the fall season was always something to behold in that mountain setting. Vistas, as far as you could see, featuring trees ablaze with color. It seemed as if it was impossible for me to raise my camera to my eye, focus, and not take a great photograph.

Each of us have many things, special to us, to be thankful for. I grew up on a farm. A dairy farm. A dairy farm with lots of cows that had to be milked, twice, each and every day. For those of you who still labor under the impression that “cows-give-milk,” well let me correct you. They don’t. You have to take it from them…everyday!

I’m thankful for the farmers and farm families who still work the earth and provide us with the abundance and variety of foods, fruits and vegetables that adorn our tables. It seems the farmers never get the thanks they are so deserving of.

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Set Design and Photograpghy by Scott Ewing

I’m thankful for the men and women serving in the various branches of our military.  Serving to help protect much that is precious to all of us.

I’m also thankful for you…our students, customers, clients and decorators that seek the very best in cake decorating equipment and classes. For if it was not for you, there would not be a ISAC school, web site, retail gallery, conventions, cake shows and competitions. It is because of you that we are here.

Throughout the year we receive many letters, notes and emails from our vast customer base, many containing photographs of the cakes or sugar art they created using our products or our suggestions. We are always thrilled to know we assisted in some way to help you deliver the best finished product possible for your customer.

However you choose to observe or celebrate the holidays, all of us here at ISAC hope it is the best one ever for you, your family and your dear friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Best wishes,
–Scott Ewing, Nicholas Lodge and the entire ISAC Team

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  1. Nicholas, I love your classes and thank you for it, I wish you happiness and health, success.
    I’m from Czech Republic.
    Merry Christmas.
    Kaimová Jaroslava

    Sending supplies to the Czech Republic? Thanks for the info.

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