More Flower Pro Please!!

First of all, I want to share with you that Flower Pro has reached a monumental milestone.

It is YOU that have made Flower Pro so popular by showing your support with your purchases, your comments and sharing your designs with everyone!  Did you know that these products are sold worldwide in 50 different countries!!  That is a great big THANK YOU in so many languages!!  But most of all it comes from the heart!  We Thank you!

And now….just when you think Flower Pro can’t possibly get any better…..this week, Chef Nicholas and Katy Sue Designs launched 3 new molds that will add to their line of fabulous products.  You are going to want to get these molds as soon as possible to add to your collection.

Flower Pro has added the Poppy Mold, Maple/Ivy/Ginkgo Leaves Mold and the Fan Mold.  These molds are all designed by the super talented Chef Nicholas.

Now, I have to tell you a secret.  I have been decorating cake for many years and I think making flowers is the best part of the whole cake thing.  I love to sit down and work with sugar paste or modeling paste and making beautiful flowers.  I have accumulated cutters, molds, veiners, and so much more in my supply kit over the years.  But I have to say, the Flower Pro line of products makes everything so easy.  The mold provides everything in one place.  When you put in the right amount of paste, you don’t need a cutter and the veiner is built right into the mold so when you pop out your petals, they are ready to go.  So easy!!

Here are some photographs of some beautiful creations from some very talented cake designers, including the team at Katy Sue Designs.   

And don’t think you have to stick to just being creative with sugar paste.  This photo is using the Flower Pro Poppy mold with wafer paper.  It is so beautiful!!

Ready to get your molds? I can’t wait to get mine!!  I made it easy for you to just click on the photo and it will take you directly to the ISAC website to get additional information and order your molds today!


As always, Chef Nicholas takes the time to prepare detailed video tutorials on all of his products.  You can find these tutorials at Chef Nicholas YouTube.

 Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!








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Registration is $15.00 for the event.  You will receive a $5.00 credit on any purchase you make during the event.  Got to to sign up today!



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