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Sidney Galpern AND Joshua John Russell at ISAC!

Is it too early to start talking about our Grand Holiday Open House this coming November? Nope, didn’t think so. Well, this year our Open House will be a bit different. We will have two guest instructors! That’s right, TWO!! Sidney Galpern and Joshua John Russell will be lighting up ISAC with their cake decorating super powers. So, if you haven’t yet signed up for our Grand Holiday Open House it’s never too early, especially  since you are getting instruction from two highly skilled guest instructors andour very own Chef Nicholas Lodge! But wait, there’s more…

Traditionally, after all of our Open HouseHouse events the guest instructor stays on and teaches a class in Studio B. This year, both Sidney and Josh will be teaching post Open House! Two amazing instructors teaching three amazing class at ISAC! I’ll begin by telling you about Sidney and her two classes!

I’ll admit I have not had the pleasure of meeting Sidney. However, based on what Chef Nicholas and Scott have told me about her, I can tell you she is a powerhouse! Sidney is a graduate of the prestigious Ecole Chocolat (School of the Chocolate Arts), and holds the distinction of being the youngest student to graduate from their program! She has trained with master sugar artists in New York City, London, Orlando, and West Palm Beach. Sidney is a certified professional chocolatier, cake designer, sugar artist, international instructor, and an ICES Approved Teacher. Sidney owns her own bakery, designs and manufactures her own line of cake art tools and her own brand of isomalt, and writes articles for various cake decorating magazines and newsletters. Oh, and she plays drums. I have to meet this woman! She sounds pretty awesome. Oh, geez! I just realized I haven’t even told you what Sidney will be teaching!

On Monday, November 9, Sidney will be teaching her Holiday Lights isomalt cake topper class. She will be instructing her students how to create gorgeous hand pulled holiday lights and pulled isomalt ribbon, the cake topper will be rounded out with a cast sugar brooch. I really love this cake topper. The holiday lights in Sidney’s design remind me of stringing lights outside my childhood home with my dad. Just gives me the warm and fuzzies! If you would like to feel warm and fuzzy and create your own Holiday Lights cake topper, just click here.

Sidney Bulb Class 2015

If you’d like more isomalt you are in luck; on Tuesday, November 10, you can take Sidney’s Perfect Isomalt Cornucopia class! Students will learn how to create a hand pulled cornucopia and blown apples, pears, grapes, wheat, corn, and a little pumpkin! Sidney will also teach students how to airbrush the basket and goodies to achieve a lifelike appearance. The finished project is just beautiful and can be used as a centerpiece or a cake topper- you have options! :) Want to take both classes? Well, you are doubly in luck! You can sign up for our Sidney Bundle: both classes for a discounted price! Hooray! I don’t even know Sidney and I like her already. Come spend some time with us and take her classes!

Now… let’s talk about Josh. ISAC loves Josh. We do, he knows it. We also know that you all love Josh too. So, really who doesn’t want to sign up for his two-day Holiday Celebration Cake with Croquembouche Topper! I have seen this cake and I love it. Everything about it. From the fabric-inspired harlequin fondant, the elegant pavoni lace elements, and really the baby Croquembouche is adorable! I say it all the time on this blog, there are certain classes that incorporate so many techniques that you just can’t pass it up. This is definitely one of those classes. Josh will be covering so many different techniques; even the most seasoned cake decorator will surely learn new tricks of the trade! I have had the pleasure of observing some of Josh’s classes for the blog before, and he is a pretty spectacular instructor. Do not miss your chance to take a class, THIS class, with Josh!

Joshua 2015 2

To recap: Sign up for our Open House. Sign up for Sidney’s classes. Sign up for Josh’s class. Ha! Seriously, ISAC needs you and we want to offer classes that appeal to our students. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys our new Grand Holiday Open House (and as the time gets closer I will be sharing additional information on the new Open House) and our TWO guest instructors! Come see the ISAC family and Sidney and Josh this November!

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