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About a month ago, I shared Chef Nicholas’ E-Z Product line here on the blog. Chef Nicholas has created a fabulous line of products that includes molds, glue, super bond, release, and acrylic holder. Today I’m excited to share that three brand new products have joined the E-Z Family!

 Chef Nicholas makes a lot of sugar flowers. A Lot. If you are reading this blog, you probably already know that. Not only has Chef Nicholas is not only known for making botanically accurate flowers, but also for finding and creating new ways to improve on his (already amazing) techniques AND make the techniques easier and simpler for his students. If you have ever taken a class with Chef Nicholas (either in person or online through Craftsy), you’d probably agree that he is the king of making things easy while still creating beautiful flowers.

This is where Chef Nicholas’ newest product comes in: E-Z Pollen! This pollen mimics natural pollen to give your gumpaste flowers and even more life-like appearance. It comes in both yellowbrown, and black.  The E-Z Pollen is made with semolina and powdered food color (which means it is 100% edible!). It only makes sense that someone who makes millions of sugar flowers would create such perfect pollen (and I say it’s perfect because it won’t make anyone sneeze)!

The yellow pollen is perfect for lizianthus, garden and wild roses, daffodils, camellias, forsythia, primula, nasturtium, cherry blossoms, lilies, sunflowers, water lilies, hibiscus, amaryllis, and cosmos. The brown works very well with garden and wild roses, white ginger, camellias, sunflowers, and lilies. Finally, the black pollen is great for poppies, anemones, and tulips. Usining a brush, Chef Nicholas will apply NL confectioners glaze to the stamen or flower center before dipping it into the E-Z Pollen. It’s that easy!

With wedding season upon us, there are so many sugar flowers just waiting to be carefully crafted by all you sugar artists. Why not give our new E-Z Pollen a try? Like all of the E-Z products, the pollen is very affordable- just $2.50 a piece or $6.75 for the set of all three colors.

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