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Nicholas Lodge’s 2015 Class Schedule

Last week, at the end of my blog, I casually mentioned our new 2015 class schedule was available on our website. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Right off the bat- can find our entire class schedule by clicking here (this include the rest of this years classes as well).  You may notice that classes go up only through July (with one exception, and I will touch on that later). This is because we have quite a few more classes taught by Chef Nicholas and by visiting instructors with dates to be worked out; Chef Nicholas has recently returned from teaching at the French Pastry School in Chicago, so final dates for the second half of 2015 should be available soon. 

PME Master Certification Class

Now onto the class that I personally have been asked about numerous times: PME Ultimate Master Certification Class! This is THE class (see photo above) that everyone has been asking me about! This 12 day class will include all three modules of the PME Certification program (you can read more about that by clicking here). Over the 12 days students will complete training in royal icing, rolled fondant, and gumpaste flowers. Students in this Master Class will receive seven certificates; three from Nicholas Lodge’s International Sugar Art Collection, three PME diplomas, and upon completion will be awarded the PME Master Certificate. Additionally, tuition includes PME and ISAC aprons, numerous books and handouts and recipes (not included when you take the classes separately), and a graduation dinner with Chef Nicholas. There is also a rest day which includes an optional afternoon demonstration for baking, filling, and working with real cakes. This is included in your tuition, but not required if students prefer to sightsee, sleep, or shop!

This class is perfect for students coming from abroad, or for those wishing to complete their Master Certification all at once. The class is limited to 16 students, and filled up VERY quickly last year (we only offer the Master class once a year, but the three individual modules- Advanced Royal Icing, Rolled Fondant, and Ultimate Flower classes are also offered separately as well). This year the Master Certification class is being offered September 12-23. If you want to take this class, I cannot encourage you to call soon enough. THIS CLASS WILL FILL UP QUICKLY!

Flower Classes and Spring Open House

Chef Nicholas is also offering two other beautiful flower classes in the beginning half of the year; Garden Roses and Springtime Flowers. The Garden Roses class will teach four stunning roses Cherokee rose, Harrison’s Yellow rose (Yellow rose of Texas), David Austin rose (I love the center of this rose), and the Avalanche rose. The Avalanche Rose was introduced in 2000 and is an extremely popular wedding flower.

garden roses 2015

The Springtime Flower class is a “new” class. This class HAS been taught by Chef Nicholas before, but not for several years. We had so many requests to bring this class back; there were actually riots in the streets in front of ISAC. Ok, maybe not, but you asked, and we listened! Students will learn five different flowers in this two day class: daffodil, tulip, magnolia, cherry blossom, and dogwood flowers and foliage. That is a whole lot of pretty spring time happiness if you ask me! 

springtime flowers 2015

Speaking of spring, our Spring Open House will feature the wonderful Susan Carberry! Open House will be held on March 28, and there will be four sessions. You can sign up for each session on our class schedule page. I will be sharing a bit more information on Open House when it gets closer!

Cake Shows and Days of Sharing

Chef Nicholas will be judging and demonstrating at the Austin Cake Show in February. This is the nation’s largest cake show and will feature competitions, live challenges, and loads of vendors selling every imaginable cake toy there is! At the ICES convention in Omaha, Nebraska this year (end of July/early August) Chef Nicholas will be teaching a series of mini classes and demonstrations. Of course, the world famous ISAC booth will be fully stocked for all of your retail therapy needs!

If you love the ICES Days of Sharing, I have great news! Chef Nicholas will be participating in quite a few Days of Sharing all over the country this year! Right now on our schedule you can find information about Days of Sharing in Tennessee! This class is open to both ICES and non-ICES members! Topics covered in this class will be New Trends, Wedding, and Celebration Flowers!  I get requests all the time asking when Chef Nicholas is coming to your state. Well, Tennessee- this is your chance! Sign up!

Lauren Kitchens!

Lauren Kitchens, Lauren Kitchens, Lauren Kitchens! I’m telling all of you right now. Before I even talk about her class: I do not want to hear/read any comments on this blog, facebook, instagram, twitters saying, “Oh no! I had no idea she was coming, I would have taken her class.” Nope, no sir, not after her Yoda class. I splashed that Yoda class ALL OVER! No excuses this time. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Ok, now that I’m finished being mean and bossy… All you University of Georgia Bulldog fans, guess what? Lauren will be teaching a BULLDOG cake! Go DAWGS! Sic ‘Em! (FYI- I’m legally obligated to say that because my husband is currently in grad school at UGA).

LK bulldog 2015

This is going to be a pretty epic class. Even more so than Lauren’s Yoda Cake class earlier this year. Why? Well, I’ll be happy to tell you.

First of all, you are going to be using real cake. That’s right. Cake. You will be learning all there is to know about sculpting cake and proper structure so your adorable doggy cake can stand on his own two, I mean four, paws. I think this is pretty awesome, most cake classes use dummy cakes (even Yoda), so you will REALLY be getting into proper sculpting and structure technique building. Students will be working with both fondant and modeling chocolate, so you will get experience in more than one medium and learn which is best for certain projects. You will also be learning how to make this bulldog look like an actual bulldog, not a cheesy cartoon bulldog. 

Students will also get a class booklet including instructions, templates, color photos, and a step by step guide; these tools will ensure that students can make this bulldog and any other dog, over and over again!

There is one bit of bad news. This class is limited to only SIX students. That’s right, 6. Even though this class is six months away, there are only SIX spots available. If you want to sign up, do it now. Otherwise it may be too late.

Goodbye 2014

That about rounds up our class schedule so far for next year. I will be sure to update you all once we finalize the second half of our calendar. Of course, if you would like to take a class before 2014 ends, we do still have a few available. We have our Rolled Fondant for the Holidays and Gumpaste for the Holidays. Our Grand Holiday Open House is almost completely booked up, but there are still some times available if you haven’t yet signed up! 

One last note- please don’t forget about our Snow Globe Competition! Open House is November 8-9, so there is less than a month to go! I can’t wait to see all the fun designs you all come up with! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read all about our Snow Globes here

Sweetly yours, 


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