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Did you know that everything is BIG in Texas? I’ve never been there, but I have heard that. Oh, and I heard you shouldn’t mess with Texas. With that in mind, I think that I should tell you to stop messing around and register for Chef Nicholas’s Texas-Sized Sugar Flower Class at this year’s That Takes the Cake- Austin Cake Show!

This year the Austin Cake Show will be February 25-26, in Round Rock, Texas; Chef Nicholas’ two-day class will be held on February 26-27. Now, this class is called Texas-Sized Sugar Flowers, and I already told you everything is big in Texas; Chef Nicholas is delivering with some BIG southern flowers: peony. dahlia, southern magnolia, and fully-blown rose!

Just typing that out doesn’t quite do these flowers justice. No, I have included some BIG photos of these beauties for you to admire!


The dahlia, with layers upon layers of petals

The peony with its lush, scalloped petals


The immense southern magnolia!

Finally, Chef Nicholas’ signature- the fully-blown rose!

As with all of Chef Nicholas’ gumpaste flower classes the appropriate buds and leaves will also be taught!  There is still time to sign up, BUT not much, the Austin Cake show is only a few weeks away!

Finally, 2017 makes the 25th Anniversary, the silver anniversary, of the Nicholas Lodge International Sugar Art Collection. Throughout the year we will be celebrating here on the blog, with new publications, and other surprises! I thought I would kick off by sharing some fun, historical ISAC tid-bits with all of you here on our blog. Thank you to all of our students, clients, friends, and family for supporting ISAC over the last 25 years!

ISAC 25th Anniversary Fact: The International Sugar Art Collection began on Friday, July 17, 1992 with a series of 15 one-day classes being taught at “Confectionery Yours,” a cake and candy retail store in Marietta, GA.

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