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If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our blog or newsletter, you must have heard about the brand new Renshaw Academy! Renshaw Academy is a certification program consisting of three modules: Sugar Flowers, Sugar Paste (rolled fondant), and Royal Icing. Each of these courses is one part of the Renshaw Academy Master Certificate; once all three modules are completed, a Renshaw Academy Master Certificate is awarded! This is a brand new program, with brand new course material developed by Chef Nicholas Lodge. Chef Nicholas will be teaching all three modules in 2018 (including a second Sugar Flower module), as well as a Master Certification class. Oh, and good news if you are Canadian; Chef Nicholas will be teaching a Renshaw Academy Module in Ontario!

Renshaw Academy class projects

In March, Chef will teach the inaugural Renshaw Academy class at ISAC: Sugar Flowers. In this class, Chef Nicholas will teach students how to create several amazing sugar flowers including Roses created in various stages from tight buds to fully blown, Calla Lily, Anemone, Bouvardia, Forget Ne Not, Berries, and Trailing Foliage. Once completed, you will arrange the flowers into a beautiful wired spray accented with ribbons. This class will go into a lot of detail on creating sugar flowers for production, pricing breakdown and teaching you how to artfully wire various sprays together to create stunning wedding and celebration cakes. All of the flowers, berries and foliage can be re-created in different colors suitable for any season or reason. Chef Nicholas will also be teaching this class at ISAC in August. 

Chef Nicholas Lodge and Renshaw Academy’s Suger Flower module.

Chef Nicholas will be teaching the second Renshaw Academy class, Sugar Paste, May 5-7, 2018. Students will learn many amazing decorating techniques used on rolled fondant cakes. Many of the techniques can be used or adapted for buttercream and rolled buttercream cakes as well- this class truly covers all your cake decorating needs! You will be working on two dummy cakes that you will take home after class for future reference. This is a great class if you want to get involved in rolled fondant or if you need guidance and new ideas in expanding the techniques you already are using. Techniques covered will include: covering cake boards and dummies (round and square) with rolled fondant, crimping, embossing, quilting, embroidery, appliqué and inlay work, lace work, painting on a cake, using various molds in creating quick cake decorations, ribbon insertion, working with fondant on cookies, drapes and bows, ribbons, ropes and tassels, just to name a few!

Chef Nicholas Lodge and Renshaw Academy’s Sugar Paste module

Chef Nicholas Lodge and Renshaw Academy’s Sugar Paste module

In June, Chef Nicholas is heading to Ontario to Icing Inspirations- the school and cake shop of Renshaw Brand Associate Partner Chrissie Boon! Chef Nicholas will be teaching the Renshaw Academy Sugar Flower module on June 8-10, 2018. This class will have the exact same curriculum as the Renshaw Sugar Flower module taught at ISAC. To register for this class, please visit the Icing Inspirations website. There is information on hotel and shuttle on the registration page. 

At this time, this is the only Renshaw Academy Module being offered on the road, but in the future, Chef Nicholas hopes to take all three modules on the road to different locations. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and our online newsletter to stay up to date on Chef Nicholas classes around the US and the world. 

The final module of Renshaw Academy is the Royal Icing course. This is being offered June 16-18, 2018 at ISAC. During this class students will learn color flow, run-out, Wedgwood style figure piping, lace and filigree, Lambeth and English-style border work and string work. Students will learn the finer points of how to smoothly coat a cake with royal icing. Many different styles and techniques in this class can only be described as supremely elegant. Students will leave this class with the necessary confidence of working with royal icing. All classroom work is performed on dummy cakes, so you will take home a permanent reminder of all the techniques learned over the three days. Please note: We recommend that students attending this class having already attended the Renshaw Academy Sugar Paste Module class with Nicholas Lodge, as the Renshaw Academy Royal Icing Module class will build upon skills and techniques learned during the Renshaw Academy Sugar Paste Module class).

Chef Nicholas Lodge and Renshaw Academy’s Royal Icing module

At the end of each Renshaw Academy, students will receive both a Renshaw Academy certificate and Chef Nicholas Lodge certificate. As with all classes offered at ISAC, all tools needed for the projects are provided. Lunch and cookie time are included as well!

Finally… let’s talk about the Renshaw Academy Master Certification Class

This ultimate 9-day class includes all three modules of the Renshaw Academy certification program; once completed students enrolled in this super class will be awarded a total of seven certificates: three certificates from Chef Nicholas Lodge, three individual Renshaw Academy module certificates, and the Renshaw Academy Master Certificate. The Master Certificate is awarded only upon completion of all three Renshaw Academy modules.

This class is ideal for students who live outside of the US (as you only need to travel once), and also for students who want to optimize their time and take all three modules at one time.

  • Days 1-3: Rolled Fondant Techniques Module – 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Day 4-6: Royal Icing Techniques Module – 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Day 7: Free Day for Students with optional afternoon demonstration in Student B on cake baking, filling cakes, and working with real cakes. This demo is included in your class tuition, but is not required if you would rather go sightseeing, sleep, etc. 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Days 8-10: Sugar Flowers Module – 9:30am-5:30pm

The class tuition includes:

  • -Multiple booklets of handouts, recipes, etc.
  • -ISAC & Renshaw Academy aprons
  • -Water, soda, tea/coffee, lemonade, iced tea, lunch each day, and the ISAC signature sweet break in the afternoon.
  • -A celebration dinner with Chef Lodge and Staff after class on October 20.
  • This is the ultimate master class for any cake decorator!

The tuition for this class is $2000.00 This class can be paid in full, in 2 installments of $1000.00 or in 4 installments of $500.00 each. Online registration is for full payment & 2 installments only! If you wish to register for this class and pay in the 4 installments, you must register over the phone by calling us at 1-800-662-8925 or 770-453-9449. Email us for more information at

The Renshaw Academy Master Certification Class will only be offered once a year, and is limited to 16 students. This year the course is being offered October 13-22, 2018. This class will fill up, and it will do so quickly. If you want to sign up for this class, I recommend doing so as quickly as you can. It will not be offered again until fall 2019. 

Chef Nicholas, the ISAC family, and the Renshaw Americas family is so proud and excited to bring you these Renshaw Academy Modules. We hope to see you in class this year to earn your certificates!

Before I sign off for this week, I have two Studio B updates to share with you. Chef Sachiko Windbiel will be teaching an amazing super hero fondant figure on March 13, 2018. This cake is perfect for all super hero lovers (it can be adapted to your favorite hero), and for all the super men in your life (hint- perfect for all those super DADs this Father’s Day!). 

Superman cake

Last, but certainly not least… registration for Chef Dororthy Klerck’s Mighty Pegasus class closes on MARCH 1, 2018!!  Save $100 through March 1, 2018; regularly Priced $550, Register Now TODAY for only $450! In this class you will learn how to design a cake from drawing to completion. Starting with a detailed section on designing your cake and calculating correct proportions, how to create side, front, and top templates that fit together, and how to design a secure structure. Chef Dot will show you step-by-step how to carve, sculpt, and complete your cake. You will learn how to sculpt this mighty pegasus and how to shade and hand paint the finishing details.

Pegasus cake

Pegasus Cake

Pegasus cake

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