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Beautiful, rich, and vibrant colors are so important in the cake, cookie, and candy making world. The perfect shade of the perfect color means a lot to a bride, or a child with a specific birthday cake in mind. That means you need a gel color that will work as hard as you do. Lucky for you, ISAC is proud to announce that we are carrying Rainbow Dust ProGel gel colors and edible, double-sided, Food Art Pens!

Edible Food Art Pens! Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

This is very exciting news! Rainbow Dust products are from the UK, and as many of you may know, any edible products imported and sold in the USA must be inspected and approved by the FDA. This is not a quick or easy process. Rainbow Dust has taken the time to craft a product specifically for the US market that has been approved by the FDA! That’s right- the nine gorgeous colors available in the ProGel and edible Food Art Pens are FDA compliant, and safe to use in all your edible projects! There are other retailers that may sell ProGel, but it may not be the FDA complaint formula (for example, the formula used the in ProGel sold the in UK or Europe). PLEASE keep in mind that those formulations are NOT FOOD SAFE according to the FDA. You can rest assured that the ProGel and edible Food Art Pens that ISAC carries is the safe, FDA compliant formulation!

Chef Nicholas wanted you all to see how nicely the pens write, and how fabulous the colors look! Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

ProGel is available in nine beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, turquoise, purple, pink, and black. Each tube of ProGel contains 25 grams of concentrated gel color, and retails for $5.25; however, we do sell a set of nine (one tube of each color) for $40.00 (that’s a saving of $7.25! It’s like you are getting one and a half colors for free!).

The edible Food Art Pens come in 8 vibrant colors: red, yellow, green, baby blue, royal blue, purple, pink, and black. These pens are double sided, with one fine tip and one wide tip. As with the ProGel, you can buy the pens individually (at $5.25 each), or as a set of eight (for $35.00).

The wide and fine tip of the edible Food Art Pen. Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC

Chef Nicholas Lodge is thrilled that ISAC is now carrying these products, and he has already begun using both the ProGel colors and the edible Food Art Pens in his classes. We cannot wait to see what you all think of these new colors! I am so excited for you all to try them, that I am giving away one tube of ProGel and one edible Food Art Pen!

Please comment here on the blog; tell me which product you would like to try and in which color! Chef Nicholas will select two winners; one person will win the ProGel and one will win the edible Food Art Pen. PLEASE remember to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are selected as a winner! The deadline for entry will be Sunday, May 21, 2017 at midnight EST. Good luck to all of you! I cannot wait to read your comments!

ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: At the 25th annual International Cake Exploration Society Convention (ICES), in 2001, ISAC released its first, self-produced DVD, “ISAC Video Catalog,” making this, what is believed to be, the first-ever instructional cake decorating program on DVD. ISAC is equipped and able to produce a finished master video tape, completely in house, for mass duplication.

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  1. I would love, love, love, to try the edible food art pen. I make x-box game controller cakes weekly. For one of the buttons, I have to make a round ball of fondant, paint it silver and put an ‘x’ on the top. Currently, the edible writing pens that I have don’t make a defined ‘x’ on the ball. So, I have had to use a brush with some vodka and black power color to paint the ‘x’ on the top of the ball. I would like to try the edible food art pen to see if they would make my life just a little easier. Shupan Abraham

  2. Hi Nicholas, I would love to try to Pro Gel in Pink. I do a lot of custom cookies. I am always looking for something new to help me with my decorating.

    Karen Pitman

  3. I would love to try the red pro gel color. I make many, many French Macarons and red is a hard color to achieve. I would love i.e. To see how this color stands up against other brands. I have used the pens and I love them!!

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