Last Thursday, Chef Nicholas shared some exciting news in a live broadcast on Facebook. As Renshaw Americas Brand Ambassador, Chef Nicholas is privy to lots of exciting news before the rest of us get to hear about it. For a while, Chef Nicholas and Renshaw Americas had been working together to expand and improve their rainbow of available colors. When Chef Nicholas became Brand Ambassador, Renshaw Americas had just developed their line of rolled fondant and gumpaste exclusively for an American market; red, black, yellow, green, navy blue, purple, and pink were seven colors available in the Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant collection. Well, things just got a lot more colorful! (oh, and who wants to win a prize?!)

The entire color line of Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant!

As I said, last Thursday, Chef Nicholas took to Facebook to announce that Renshaw Americas has released an entire line of brand new colors in their Ready to Roll Fondant collection! To compliment the first seven colors, Renshaw Americas has created seven brand new super saturated colors: ivory, orange, bright green, bright blue, bright purple, aqua, and brown (not chocolate flavored). In addition, the red and pink rolled fondants have been altered to create brighter, more long lasting colors, resistant to fading. 

This is exciting news, there are 14 fabulous rolled fondant color choices to choose from! They are available in small 8.8oz packages, for when you only need a small about of a color, and they are available in larger 2.2lb tubs! These 2.2lb tubs are really great because not only do the tubs seal tightly to keep air out, but there are two 500g pouches in each tub! This ensures your fondant does not dry out as quickly! The white is also available in 5lb, 10lb, and 22lb tubs; and yes, just like the smaller 2.2lb tub, each of these have multiple pouches in each so that your fondant isn’t all exposed to the air at once. 

Oh, and if you are nervous that the color may not be exactly the shade you want, the 8.8oz packages all have a clear window so it is easy to see exactly what shade the color is! All of these colors blend well with white, so you can get a light shade if necessary. AND, if you visit our website’s recipe page, you will find a fantastic Love Renshaw color blending chart! All of the colors are represented and simple formulas are given so that you can blend your colors to create the exact same shade every time! This is useful if you have a large cake you need to cover and have to color several batches of fondant. You will get the same results EVERY TIME as long as you follow the provided formulas. You can find the color chart here


That’s right, Renshaw Americas has gone a step further and release COLORED GUMPASTE! YAAAYYY! Chef Nicholas, flower making king, is especially excited about the new colored gumpaste! There are five new colors, in addition to traditional white: red, yellow, green, blue, and pink! These beautiful colors come in 1.1lb packages. 

Gumpaste! In COLORS!

Let’s just take a moment here, and consider how AMAZING it is that you will never again have to suffer through trying to make red gumpaste?! Um, life changing. 

Chef Nicholas even let it slip that he and Renshaw Americas are doing their best to develop a deep black gumpaste! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that that dream comes true! 

Well, my friends. The days of kneading a billion drops of food coloring into fondant or gumpaste are over! All you need now is Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant (or gumpaste!) in your favorite colors, and the Renshaw Love Color chart. Life just got a whole lot easier. 

If you are ready to dive into the rainbow of colors, head on over to our retail store or our online store. All the colors are available now! You can also click any of the colors above to be taken to their home on our website. If you did not get a chance to watch Chef Nicholas’ Facebook live video, you’re in luck!

I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of these new colors. How about a fun giveaway! Tell me what color rolled fondant you are most excited to try, and what project you would use it on. I will pick two winners to receive their color of choice in the 8.8oz size package! Please include your contact email in the comment (you can’t win if I cannot contact you!), and post your comment by midnight on October 4, 2017. Good Luck!


 ISAC 25th Anniversary Fun Fact: On May 15th, 2014 ISAC posted its first video on the product page of the ISAC Floral Tape Cutter. This is generally believed to be the first cake decorating web site with a product demonstration embedded into the actual product web page.

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  1. We used the wonderful Renshaw America products on Friday. I loved the Tiger Orange fondant and the gum paste was amazing! I’m so glad there is a North America distributor now.


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