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WAAAYYY back in 2015 ISAC held a little giveaway in which participants could enter to win a free four hour private class with Chef Nicholas. Not surprisingly, we had an overwhelming response from people eager to win this fantastic opportunity. Alas, only one winner could be chosen (to be fair, people could enter to win the class for themselves, or themselves and a friend); Ginia and Margery were selected as the class winners, and just a few weeks ago they cashed in on their winnings and enjoyed their private class! Margery was even kind enough to share her thoughts on her special class with me!

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Attentive students ready for their private lesson to begin!

Ginia and Margery were able to choose the topic of their class, and after some careful consideration, they asked to focus on different types of rolled fondant techniques and skill building. Both of these lovely ladies had attended many of our Open House events in the past, but neither had ever taken an actual class with Chef Nicholas before. Needless to say, they were both very excited. Honestly, I don’t think I have seen anyone more enthusiastic about taking their first class as these two! They were so much fun, and really funny too! I loved being able to document their class with Chef Nicholas! 

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Not only did they both really enjoy their class (and let me tell you, Ginia, Margery, and Chef Nicholas were sharing a LOT of laughs!), they have already started using all the rolled fondant skills they learned! I wanted to share some of Margery’s thoughts from class.

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“[I have been] preparing to begin work on a cake for Easter using many of the great fondant techniques Chef Lodge taught us during our amazing 4 hour class. I’ve already got my board covered, thanks to what we did in the class, and I’ve even got some adorable (if I do say so myself) Easter eggs inserted. I loved learning all the various ways to cover and decorate the cake board, and certainly appreciate learning the proper way to cover a cake.

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I’ve tried to think of the most valuable tool we learned to use, or my favorite technique he showed us, but frankly, I can’t pick a favorite – it was all amazing. The main thing, though, that I took away from the class was Chef Lodge’s patience with us, and his willingness to share his knowledge and skill.

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I wish I was in a position to take some of his classes, but I intend to do the next best thing and sign up for more of his Craftsy classes. I have his Custom Lettering & Monogram class, and want to get the Poinsettia one under my belt before next Christmas. I have taken some other Craftsy cake decorating classes, but I found his to be easier to follow and more informative than any. I highly recommend them to everyone I hear mention that they would like to improve their cake decorating skills.

Thanks so much to you and everyone involved in the wonderful gift of 4 hours with Chef Lodge.”

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You’re welcome Margery (and Ginia), we are so glad that taking a class with Chef Nicholas was everything you had hoped for! I’m not sure if or when we will offer another chance to win a private class with Chef Nicholas, but if we do I hope we have just as many eager students interested in entering to win! Chef Nicholas has such wonderful students, clients, and fans that I know it would be just as fun as this private class turned out!

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We hope to see you more in the future Margery and Ginia! Thanks for making your 4-hour private class so much fun!

Sweetly yours, 


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