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Pastry Live 5 Photo Blog

Hiya friends! It has been a long while since I have done a photo blog, and I thought it would be a great idea to have one this week to share all of the amazing things we saw at Pastry Live this week. With all of the yummy cakes, chocolate, plated desserts, chocolates, seminars, and showpieces, I know you will enjoy this feast for the eyes. 

ISAC Booth and Chef Nicholas’ Seminar

 IMG 1439 1280x960

IMG 1440 1280x960

IMG 1441 960x1280

IMG 1493

IMG 1494 320x240

Scott was mobbed handing out Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant samples!

IMG 1443 1280x960

Nielsen-Massey Booth! We love them AND they sponsered Chef Nicholas’ seminar

IMG 1506 240x320

IMG 1497 320x240

Plated Dessert and Chocolatier of the Year

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3rd Place- Michael Craig

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2nd Place- Vincent Attali

11894657 940011229394416 4025272757304549723 o

1st Place- Nicolas Blouin

11890002 939473762781496 7842627851337965237 o

3rd Place- Natalya Shaprio

11856248 939473822781490 5974482535885729437 o

2nd Place- Molly Rothermel

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1st Place- Brittany Mateika

Plated Dessert and Chocolatier of the Year photos by Donna Permell/Prime Phocus

Art of Cake 

This year there were two themes for the Art of Cake competition. Tiered cakes had to draw their inspriation from three different crayon colors, and the sculpted cakes had to be inspried by toys! I loved both of these themes, the final cakes were all so beautiufl and whimsical!


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Irene Widjaya- 3rd Place

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Phetsada Mounnarath, my class assistant and former student at the French Pastry School, took 2nd Place.

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Chef Joe Cumm, who taught a class at ISAC this past Saturday, won 1st Place in the tiered Art of Cake!


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11896320 940012656060940 7552877675474327257 o

Marilyn Bawol- 3rd Place

11921817 940012609394278 7923339659379272734 o

Katharina McCawley- 2nd Place

11952819 940012612727611 5945838475700979546 o

Johanna Wyss- 1st Place

IMG 1492 1280x960

Art of Cake judges… guess who is my favorite ;)

IMG 1468 1280x960

If Chef Nicholas is involved OF COURSE Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant is on the list of prizes!

Student Chocolate Showpiece Winners

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3rd Place- Megan Kuk

11856502 939464036115802 6222694677584597963 o

2nd Place- Brooke Ball

11896320 939463289449210 7075591985938172192 o

1st Place- Emily Holtz

Student Chocolate Showpiece photos by Donna Permell/Prime Phocus

2015 Showpiece Championship

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The Avengers by Team Robert Nieto and Olivier Saintemarie

11896444 940505146011691 7635154163988093217 o

Lego City by Team Saber Rejbi and Plamen Marinov

11921817 940497009345838 352977461776015489 o

Optimus Prime by Team Matthew Ratliff and Raymond Blanchard

11894603 940490172679855 9009243539733888269 o

Team Julie Eslinger and Mariana Ramirez took home the “Competitors Choice” award with this showpiece

11884100 940498332679039 8274572338628373214 o

Team Lionel Touya and Christophe Rull were awarded “Best Artistry” for their fun piece featuring a marionette resting on atoy box

11896227 940490842679788 6008174532019173142 o

Best Sugar Showpiece in the 2015 Showpiece Championship went to Team Cori Schlemmer and Rachel Young

11894431 940492672679605 828932811276240851 o

Team Kengo Akabame and Toshinori Akishiro took home an unprecedented number of awards; not only are they this year’s “Best Overall,” but also “Best Chocolate,” “Sponsors’ Choice,” and “People’s Choice”

Congratulations to all this years winners! I hope that you all enjoyed the beautiful plated desserts, chocolates, cakes, student chocolate showpeices, and the National Showpiece competition pieces. Pastry Live is a wonderful event and the ISAC team looks forward to it every year! Hope to see you in Atlanta for Pasty Live 6 next August!

Sweetly yours, 


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