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I just LOVE when we get new products in at ISAC! I think it’s pretty obvious why, we get to check out brand new cake decorating toys, play with them, and I get to tell you all about them! I haven’t shared new products in a while, and I am pretty excited to share these three new items with you today! 

 I am excited to share three new Patchwork Cutter sets! Each of these sets has a different theme, but they all share a common thread- silhouettes!  I love the crisp, clean look of a black silhouette on a white background. I really do. Before I get distracted thinking about all the different designs these new Patchwork sets can make, perhaps I should tell you all about them!

First up is the Dog Silhouette set! This set comes with seven different dog cutters, realistic dogs, not cartoonish. There are big dogs, little dogs, and medium dogs! A dog for every season! When I first saw these cutters, the first thing I thought of was doggie birthday cakes. Not birthday cakes for people, decorated with dogs. Nope, birthday cakes for dogs to eat. Don’t laugh at me, it’s a thing! People (here in America at least, our fans who live abroad may find this funny) are very into their pets lately. There are dog parks, dog cafes (seriously, in my old town there was a cafe that catered only to people AND their dogs for meals…), dog weddings, and dog birthday parties! Heck, you can even buy a dress for your dog inspired by Elsa’s character in Frozen. That, my friends, is why I immediately thought of using these cutters to decorate a pup friendly birthday cake! Of course there are a bunch of other themes that could incorporate these doggies! A firefighter themed cake with a Dalmatian, or a hunting cake with hunting dogs, a cake for a humane society or animal welfare group, a farm themed cake with a Shepard dog, or even a cake for a regular person who just loves dogs! Oh, or a cake to celebrate a working dog: a guide dog, brave K-9 police officer, or military dog! See, you can even honor our service-dogs. 

Dog Silhouette

Next up, and just in time for engagement wedding season is the Wedding Silhouette Patchwork Cutter set! This set contains three different designs, proposal, vows, and the kiss (I made up all these names myself!). The proposal comes in two sizes and features two different cutters: the man down on one knee and the woman he is proposing to! The vows cutter comes in three sizes and shows the silhouette of the man and woman dressed in their wedding finery, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Finally, there is THE KISS! Two sizes of the man and woman, you guessed it- kissing! When I envision these cutters used to decorate a cake, I see a very simply chic wedding cake with THE KISS cutter creating the central, or only design element. With Valentine’s Day this weekend, and spring and summer just around the corner I think this particular cutter set could be a very useful design to have in your cake design tool box. 

Wedding Silhouette

The final Patchwork Cutter set I’d like to share with you today is called Countryside Silhouette (it is the main photo for the blog above). It may surprise you, but this is my favorite out of all three of these wonderful new products! This set contains trees, clouds, leaves, grass, butterflies, picket fence, and a light post. Sounds like a walk in the park. Yes, it could be used to make a park cake. But here, the possibilities are ENDLESS, and these pieces can easily fit in with other Patchwork Cutter design sets. For example, I mentioned making a farm or hunting themed cake using some of the dog cutters above. Well, bust out this set and add in some tall grass and trees and take your cake to the next level! Or use the Wedding Silhouette set, and have the gentleman propose to his lady under a glowing street lamp! What would I do? I’d make myself a haunted house cake. I would use the light post, tall grass, tree (the one without leaves), and even the picket fence to create a creepy landscape in front of my haunted house! Yes, that would be my top priority with this set. Creepy, scary, haunted house cake. Makes its Countryside name seem a bit less idyllic! (Again, look to the top of this post to see the photo of the Countryside Silhouette Cutter set).

There you have it my favorite people. Three fantastic new Patchwork cutter sets! I hope you are as excited to try these new products out as we are! You can click any of the product names to find them in our online store! Oh, and don’t forget our 14 Days of Valentine’s Day Sale is continuing on through Sunday, so be sure to check our website and Facebook page each day to see what new promotion we have going on!

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