Isolation and Fun!

I know the title of my blog may sound a little bit contradictory.  How can ‘Isolation’ and ‘Fun’ go together you ask?  Well, let me help you with this one.  If you are stuck at home, either working or not working, it’s easy to get down and sad about being home so much with not much to do or non-fun things to do.  The current situation we are all in right now is very strange and requires us to be apart from people we know and love and self-isolate ourselves until this virus thing passes.  For those of us who are extroverts and always on the go (that’s me and definately Chef!!) this is so difficult.  Being home all day, every day, is not something that happens in our lives and it’s easy to feel down and out.  But it doesn’t have to be! 

First thing to remember is that it’s important that we all keep in touch even though we don’t see each other face-to-face.  There are so many different ways to do this, like picking up the telephone to check on a friend or family member or getting on social media more often than normal and post something ‘fun’!  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great resources right now and it’s a great way to stay connected. 

Chef Nicholas and the team at ISAC are doing their best to keep in touch with everyone and post things on social media to help make the time pass by more quickly.  If you don’t follow Chef on Facebook or Instagram, why not?  Just search for Chef Nicholas Lodge and you can Follow him.  Here is a quick link. Chef Nicholas Lodge Facebook

Now, even though Chef isn’t able to travel right now, he is in the ISAC studios making new tutorials for us to view and create new projects.  He has also put together a wonderful kit to use for these cookie ideas that are in the videos below.  This kit includes a Katy Sue mat (a $14.99 value), 2 cookie cutters and color instructions for each project; all for $16.99!!  What a value!!

Order from this link:  Spring Bundle

After you get the kit, go to the Spring Basket Cookies video and follow Chef as he gives you directions on how to make these beautiful cookies. 

You can also use the same cutters for the Basket Shaped Cookie video.  

Here are a few more videos that have been posted.  These videos use some of the common shapes for cookies that you may already have in your kitchen.

Spring Flowers Cookies using Patchwork Cutter video

Dogwood and Cherry Blossom Cookies video

I hope you can take time away from the news and distractions of everything and have some “FUN”! 

I want to leave you with these thoughts.  These videos were created with lots of time and lots of love.  During these difficult times, when we can’t physically be together, we still need each other!  It’s so important to keep in touch with your neighbors, family and friends to make sure everyone is doing ok.  Most important, be sure to support small businesses when possible!  It’s a difficult time, but we are all in this together and the only thing we can do is keep pressing on and try to have fun during all this crazy stuff! 

I hope that my blog is entertaining you somewhat too and giving you some great ideas to help you through these coming weeks.

Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!


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