FIPGC Competition Follow Up

Hi everyone.  I wrote last week about the FIPGC -Federation of Pastry Gelato & Chocolate Competition that was taking place on October 19 & 20 in Milan, Italy with Chef Nicholas as one of the judges representing the USA Division.

Well, since the blog last week was written before the winners were announced, I thought I would do a quick follow up to tell you how the event turned out and to tell you the final results of the competition. 

As you know, Chef Nicholas was at the event as a judge and he took a lot of photographs and videos that I would love to share with you.  I think he is part journalist because there are so many photos and videos, it made me feel like I was right there at the competition.  Chef said after the first day of judging, “The quality of work is amazing… not only viewing the pre-made exhibition cakes, but also seeing how parts of the actual cake (cake/fillings) were prepared and assembled”


Ok now to the winners…..SPOILER ALERT….. in case you don’t want to know, I would stop reading this part and skip down to the bottom….

And the winner is….. Jowita Woszczynska from Poland.  Second place went to Manuela Taddeo from Italy and third place went to Monica Munante from Peru.  Congratulations to all the participants!!  The competition looked fierce and I’m sure the decisions that the judges had to make were difficult!

The cake from Poland is beautiful and the attention to detail is amazing!  If you look real close you will see a tiny little candelabra on the piano, lanterns, books and people everywhere.  Items so small I would need a magnifying glass to see them!  Chef said this cake “was a sheer joy to judge”.

Here are a few photos of the winning cakes. 


They even put little bumble bees next to the beehives on the cake.  Now that is some serious detail!


All of these photos and much more can be found on the FIPGC Facebook page and Chef Nicholas Facebook page.  Just click on the link.

And if you really want to feel like you were there, here is a link to a video that will play the Awards Ceremony. FIPGC Awards Ceremony

I know that Chef was able to have a little fun while at the competition because I heard that during the breaks, the judges got to eat as much Gelato as they wanted!  Here is photo proof!

I guess you can’t work all the time!

Until next time, Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!


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