So Many Things To Do…..

Hello there!  Are you stressed out?  Is the current news report about all the things going on around the world stressing you?  According to a report published by the NY Times in April, 2019, Americans are among the most stressed out people in the world.  I don’t see a report on people outside the U.S., but I’m sure that stress does not stay just in the U.S..  Well, I want to help relieve some of the stress in your life, if only for a few minutes while you read this blog.

So, I’m going to focus on only positive things for today…… I want to start with the ISAC Spring Open House that was held last Saturday with a small but very fun crowd.  After many weeks of rain and overcast clouds, the Open House went off without a hitch.  Each student, cake decorator and friends were greeted with a warm, bright and sunny day and some bright and fun decorations at the door.


ISAC featured two demonstration times each lasting over two hours.  Chef Nicholas did a very fun, interesting and inspiring demonstration.  His demo showcased new products in the Nicholas Lodge line and silicone molds by Katy Sue Designs. 


Everyone who attended received a free cookie cutter, compliments of our friends at Ann Clark Cookie Cutters.  Here is the link to the Ann Clark Website. 



A break in the demonstrations provided time for everyone to enjoy refreshments and some “retail therapy” in the ISAC retail gallery. 

Now, if you were not able to attend the Spring Open House, here is some GREAT NEWS!!  Chef Nicholas has completed a video on the projects that he did AT the open house and put it on his YouTube channel!  WOW!  Now you can pretend that you are sitting in the ISAC classroom and Chef is teaching you all about how to make these fabulous projects while never leaving the comfort of your home.  Go to Chef Nicholas’ YouTube Channel for the SPRING OPEN HOUSE VIDEO.

Here are some photographs of the projects.  They are sooooo cute!  And just in time for Spring!


Another option to relieve stress is to do more of the things that you LOVE!  I’m sure many of you, right now, are spending a lot of time at home, staying indoors and away from crowds.  Chef Nicholas is creating great ways to pass the time, so you don’t get bored!  He is creating small, mini tutorials and photographs and posting them on Facebook.  The latest one is how to make those little, quick daffodil flowers you see in the photograph above.  If you click Chef Nicholas Lodge Facebook page, you can go to his Facebook page and see all of the posts for yourself.  While you are there, be sure to click “Follow” so you don’t miss out on any new things he is posting.  You can always check out his YouTube channel for the latest and greatest projects here.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products from the Flower Pro line or any other products, just go to  You can have these items delivered directly to you, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the house.

I hope that everyone is hanging in there during this challenging time and staying safe.  Enjoy this down time, if you have it, and do something fun!  Remember “STAY CALM AND FLOWER PRO ON”!


 Stay Sweet and Keep Learning!



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