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I am very excited to share that Chef Joe Cumm will be returning to ISAC to teach in Studio B again! Chef Joe was with us last August teaching amazing Oriental String work and modeling chocolate techniques. This time around Chef Joe will be teaching some fantastic chocolate techniques! But before we get into the class details, let me tell you about Chef Joe!

Chef Joe graduated Summa Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales University, where he was trained as a classical pastry chef; he currently teaches at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary arts where he is a Pastry Arts Instructor. He has been decorating cakes for 20 years and teaching pastry arts for 10! In 2010 he was nominated for Teacher of the Year for two-year colleges in the state of Virginia. In addition to teaching, Chef Joe regularly competes in and judges national pastry competitions, and last September he was one of the cake artists that was featured in the Edible Fashion Show at Cake Fair in Orlando. With his wife, Chef Joe owns EdenJoes Cakes, which is a training and consulting company. 

On October 8, 2016, Chef Joe will be teaching his Creating Chocolate Flowers for Cakes class in Studio B. Students will be learning how to temper chocolate and create a gorgeous chocolate flower, perfect for wedding cakes. Tempering chocolate is not a skill everyone has, and is something rarely taught at ISAC. This is a huge opportunity for those of you who have been dying to learn how to properly temper chocolate for cake projects!

If you want something other than gumpaste or wafer paper flowers, the techniques and skills in this class will expand your repertoire and add to your bottom line. Once you understand the chocolate tempering process you will be able to create so much more!

Each student will go home with an 8in dummy cake, topped with the chocolate flower that they created in class.

This class is one day, on a Saturday, and only $185.00 USD. This class is too perfect to be missed! Chef Joe (and the ISAC family), hope to see you in class!

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