Christmas in September?!


Nicholas Lodge’s International Sugar Art Collection’s

First Annual Edible Snow Globe Competition

Christmas will, of course, still be in December, but we here at ISAC are pretending it’s coming early because we are excited to share our upcoming Snow Globe Competition with all of you! So excited in fact that we have already been making our own Snow Globes to share with you and to give you inspiration! First, let’s talk a little bit about Edible Snow Globes!

Last November, during our Grand Holiday Open House, Scott demonstrated how to create Edible Snow Globes using chocolate, edible lay-ons (royal icing decorations), and all manner of cake and candy making items. They turned out…. AMAZINGLY! They are cute, adorable, eye catching, sweet, and most of all FUN! We quickly sold out of our Snow Globe making materials at that Open House! Since it was so very popular with everyone who attended the ISAC Grand Holiday Open House last year, Larry and Scott had the brilliant idea to get all of our ISAC fans in on the fun by holding an Edible Snow Globe Competition at this year’s Open House! Yay! Shall I give you some details?

    Final pengiun

Let’ start with timing. I bet all you seasoned Nicholas Lodge fans are thinking, “But Stephanie, the Holiday Open House in held in November. It’s the beginning of September!” Yes, you are correct. We wanted to make sure that everyone heard about this competition well in advance so that you have time to brainstorm ideas and create your beautiful Snow Globe in time for our Holiday Open House in November! Today is September 11th. All Snow Globes need to be at ISAC between November 1-5. This gives you PLENTY of time to get your Snow Globe affairs in order! No excuses now, I better see your globes at Open House!

final school

We have such a variety of fans, students, and shoppers; we have professional cake decorators, hobby cake decorators, people just getting into decorating, and even kids under 18 who love decorating! Of course, that means that we won’t be judging everyone’s Edible Snow Globes in one large group. That wouldn’t be very fair! There will be three groups: 12 and under, 13-19 yrs old, and 20 and over. Each person is allowed a maximum of two entries, and each group must have a minimum of ten entries to be judged and for prizes to be awarded (yes, I said prizes. Hold your horses, let’s talk about judging first!).

 final trio

DSC 1626edited 1024x680

Judging will be split- 50% of the judging will be tabulated from the votes of attendees at the Grand Holiday Open House, and the other 50% will be from Chef Nicholas and guest instructor/demonstrator, Chef Autumn Carpenter. Oh, and an extra perk? Each ballot submitted by our Open House guests will be entered into a drawing! Seriously, it’s like we are throwing prizes at you!

Speaking of prizes… each group will have first, second, and third place prizes awarded. For the 12 and under group, prizes will be Toys R’ Us gift cards ($25, $15, $10 for first, second, and third places respectively), 13-19 prizes will be iTunes gift cards ($50, $25, $15 for first, second, and third places respectively), for the 20 and over group prizes will be: first prize will be any 2-Day class with Chef Nicholas at ISAC, second prize will be a 1-Day class certificate that can be applied to any Nicholas Lodge class at ISAC, and third prize will be a $75 ISAC Product Gift Card.

The ballot drawing will be held on Monday, November 10th. The winners of the ballot will receive ISAC Gift Cards valued at $100, $75, and $50 for first, second, and third places (respectively). Winners in each category will be notified on Tuesday November 11, and announced here on the blog on Thursday November 13! 

DSC 1627edited 1024x680 

 DSC 1632edited 1024x680

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of our Snow Globes so you can start getting creative. Lucky for you we have all of the supplies you need in our store and online! If you have any questions on how to create your Edible Snow Globes, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-662-8925 or email us at customersvc@nicholaslodge.com. We will be happy to get you started down the Snow Globe path! The scene you create should fit into the theme of “Holiday Memories.”

Final group

I hope the photographs in this blog have given you loads of inspiration to get started on your own Edible Snow Globe to enter into our competition! Here is a PDF of the official rules and regulations about the competition. Please download and read so you can get started! Snow-Globe-Competition-Offical-Rules.pdf

 Sweetly yours,


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  1. I love these! Not sure anyone would want to eat them, they are too cute. Talk about inspiration……

  2. No you do not. However, you do need be to able to drop off and pick up your Snow Globes during the times specified in the rules.

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