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This year we have been very lucky to host some amazing guest instructors. Next month, in August, we are offering three amazing classes: Oriental Stringworkand Modeling Chocolate with Chef Joe Cumm, Basket and Bow: and Isomalt Class and Garden Fairy: an Isomalt class with Peggy Tucker. The best part of these classes is the timing. All three classes will be held around the annual Pastry Live event in Atlanta! You can easily plan your week to accommodate all three classes and the entire Pastry Live event! Hooray! I’ll tell you about all three classes and a bit about Pastry Live.

 First up- Chef Joe and his class! Chef Joe graduated Summa Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales University, where he was trained as a classical pastry chef; he currently teaches at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary arts where he is a Pastry Arts Instructor. He has been decorating cakes for 20 years and teaching pastry arts for 10! In 2010 he was nominated for Teacher of the Year for two-year colleges in the state of Virginia. In addition to teaching, Chef Joe regularly competes in and judges national pastry competitions, and this September he is one of the cake artists that will be featured in the Edible Fashion Show at Cake Fair in Orlando. With his wife, Chef Joe owns EdenJoes Cakes, which is a training and consulting company. Chef Joe thoroughly enjoys teaching all aspects of pastry arts, and loves watching his students push themselves to new pastry heights! As you can well imagine, the ISAC family is thrilled to be hosting Chef Joe next month!!

On Saturday, August 22, 2015 Chef Joe will be teaching his Oriental String Work and Modeling Chocolate class. Students will learn some necessary basic royal icing techniques that will really bring their oriental string work to life! Chef Joe will teach students different techniques to measure and precisely pipe their designs on a two tiered dummy cake. There is no set design being taught, so each student will come away with a one of a kind cake. Royal icing is not the only star of this class; Chef Joe will be teaching students how to create a stunning modeling chocolate flower! Swanky! This is a one day class and will be held the day before Pastry Live begins. If you would like to sign up for this class you can click here or call us at 1-800-662-8925.

After Pastry Live ends, the fabulous Peggy Tucker will be teaching two fun classes in Studio B! Peggy is one of the only Certified Master Sugar Artists in the world, and she specializes in teaching sugar, cake design, and cake decorating throughout the world. Not only does she teach and own the School of Cakeology, she also helped to develop and market premade isomalt in 2009 and helped launch and market DecoGel (we love DecoGel at ISAC!). Peggy has appeared on numerous television programs and has written countless cake decorating articles for a wide variety of magazines. Peggy loves to share her passion of cake decorating and sugar art and teaches both amateurs and professionals. Peggy’s classes in Studio B will be of the highest quality and the highest level of fun!!

Peggy’s first class, on Wednesday, August 26, is the day after Pastry Live ends in Atlanta. In this class students will be taught how to use a Sugar Shack (heat box) as Peggy guides them on the proper techniques for handling, pulling, and shaping hot isomalt. Using a basketweaver, students will create a gorgeous isomalt basket. Peggy will then instruct her students on how to create a multicolored loop bow for the basket’s handle. I have to say, the bow is my favorite part. It looks so realistic and is very eye catching. If you would like to sign up for Peggy’s Basket and Bow: and Isomalt class click here.

Basket and Bow Peggy Tucker 1050x941

On Thursday, August 27, Peggy will teach her second class: A Garden Fairy. Ok, this little fairy? Adorable!!! Both of Peggy’s classes are isomalt classes, but each offers different techniques. In this class you will learn the proper ways to pull, pour, and shape isomalt. The body of the fair is all hand pulled, the wings and hat are molded, and the dress is hand pulled petals! I really cannot wait to see Studio B full of beautiful little garden fairies! If you are just dying to make your own little garden fairy, then just click here to sign up.

Garden Fairy 891x991

If you would like to sign up for BOTH of Peggy Tucker’s classes, you can sign up for both at a discounted price! Ooh yay! Who doesn’t love a good deal! To sign up for both of the classes at the special price, please click here. To sign up for any of these classes you can also call us at 1-800-662-8925. And, as always, all tools necessary for all three of these classes will be provided, and lunch will be served! 

Before I say goodbye, I’d like to tell you a bit about Pastry Live. Pastry Live was created by chefs for chefs. It is three days of demonstrations and competitions, held in August in Atlanta, Georgia (home of ISAC!). I went last year and it was so much fun! There are interesting and informative sponsor booths, seven different competitions, loads of seminars, and vendors (yay for retail therapy!). Chef Nicholas will be returning as judge for the Art of Cake competition!  If you would like to learn more about Pastry Live and purchase tickets you can visit their website or their facebook page!

I certainly hope we will see lots of new and familiar faces at Pastry Live, and in our three upcoming classes in Studio B! 

Before we part, I would like to ask everyone a favor. The Oscars of the cake decorating world, Cake Master Magazine Awards, is now accepting nominations! I would very much appreciate if you would considering nominating Chef Nicholas for either the Cake Hero Award or the Best Learning Experience Award! Everything thing he does is for you, his students, fans, and clients. I know that he would love to win this award for you to make all of you proud! Please click here to nominate him. Thank you so much!

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