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Spring Open Houses- Photo Blog

Spring has Sprung!

The entire ISAC team sincerely hopes that everyone who attended our Spring Open House this past Saturday enjoyed themselves! We certainly loved hosting not only all of our dear shoppers, students, and clients, we also immensely enjoyed hosting Susan Carberry as our guest instructor this year!  Much like I did after our Grand Holiday Open House, I thought I would focus on sharing photos instead of writing about the day!

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Thank you again to everyone who came to our Spring Open House! And thank you to Scott, Susan, and Chef Nicholas for putting on wonderful, fun, and informative demos!

One final and bittersweet note. Gretchen, one of our customer service specialists, had her last day with us at the International Sugar Art Collection. After five and a half wonderful years having Gretchen part of our family, she is leaving to begin her own business (dessert related of course!). Gretchen we will all miss you so much, and wish you all the luck! Don’t forget to come and visit us!

Sweetly yours,


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  1. Oh how fun – thank you for sharing these photos. I wish I lived close enough to attend/visit ISAC. Love seeing these finished projects!!!

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