Happy Thanksgiving from the ISAC Family


Thanksgiving is here once again. Hopefully during this holiday you will be gathering with family and friends and sitting down to share a meal at your home or the home of a friend or loved one. If you choose or prefer, a cafe or restaurant, there is nothing wrong with that. No shopping, prepping or dishes to wash!

All of us at ISAC would like to take this opportunity to say, “thank you,” to each of you. We are very grateful and appreciative to each of you; the students seeking to learn by attending a class, a demonstration or watching one of our Facebook Live sessions. The customers who walked into our gallery, stopped by our booth at a cake or trade show or clicked on and visited our web site. Thank you! Every day, not just this time of year at Thanksgiving, but every day. We understand you have a choice when seeking out your sugar art and cake decorating supplies, and we thank you for choosing Nicholas Lodge and ISAC. We constantly strive to offer you only the best products, backed up by our helpful, knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Also your continued support helped us reach a major milestone. This past July, ISAC celebrated our 25th anniversary. Yes, 25 years of classes, teaching, demonstrations, magazine articles, instructional DVD’s and on-line classes. But none of this would have happened, or would have been needed, without the support of our fantastic students, customers, and shoppers. Again, we say “thank you!”

Everyone at ISAC hopes you have a safe, fun and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Let’s grab that turkey wishbone together and make a wish…a wish for an even better tomorrow for all of us.

Happy Thanksgiving! Photo: S. Ewing/ISAC


Happy Thanksgiving!

From, Nicholas, Scott, Molly, Ann, Stephanie, Janet & Carol


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