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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple years, it’s impossible to escape the allure of rose gold. This warm hue has become omnipresent in tech gadgets, makeup, clothing, jewelry, and even cakes. Rose gold even inspired the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz! Makeup artists and fashion designers claim that the warm shimmery rose gold is universally flattering on all skin tones, one claimed it will add radiance to your skin! Um, yes please! Who couldn’t look more radiant? This color is literally everywhere. I recently visited Walt Disney World Resort, and you can find rose gold shirts, sparkly backpacks, jewelry, and even rose gold Minnie Mouse ears!  Ya know what? I am totally in love with rose gold. Growing up my grandmother had beautiful rose gold jewelry, and as a little girl I loved it because it looked pink! So seeing that rose gold have become so pervasive makes me giddy. While I love it, I was not the driving force behind this week’s post. My illustrious co-conspirator, I mean co-worker, Molly mentioned that given its popularity, we should spotlight the color with a blog post. Done and done! 

 First a bit of history, you know how I love delving into history! Gold is a chemical element (Au, Atomic Number 79 on the Periodic Table), and in its pure form is a bright, slightly reddish, metal. In ancient texts from the Greco-Roman and Medieval periods describe gold as red; this is due to the impurities from the smelting process. Fast forward to early 19th century in Russia- gold smelting had progressed and yellow gold was the norm. Enter Carl Fabergé, jeweler to the czars. He was the first to intentionally blend yellow gold and reddish copper to produce the alluring pink metal we know and love today. Termed Russian Gold, Fabergé used his pink gold in his famous Fabergé Eggs. The actual pink shade of rose gold depends on the ratio of yellow gold to copper; the more copper, the more red the gold appears. True rose gold is normally consider to be 75% yellow gold, 22.5% copper, and a little bit of silver to keep the color bright. Russian gold was extremely popular, and woman and jewelers continued their love affair with the pink metal throughout the Art Deco styles of the 1920s. However, with the crushing impacting of the Wall Street Crash in 1929, all aspects of life shifted dramatically, and Art Deco designs that embraced rose gold, gave way to Art Nouveau that was more monochromati. Jewelers and fashion designs started adopting platinum to complement their white palettes. All was not lost! With World War II, platinum was needed for the war effort… both yellow and rose gold rose in popularity again. Now, rose gold has risen and fallen in popularity over the years since its introduction, but the current trend can be traced to the Apple Rose Gold iPhone (guilty- I have one).  Now that we know all about Rose gold’s life story, let’s talk about rose gold cakes. 

First of all, I love metallics on cakes. I think it is so classic and elegant, I like silver, I like yellow gold, I like copper and bronze. Rose gold on a cake? Yes, please! The use of metallics on cakes is problematic though. Many metallic dusts are non-toxic, but inedible. What’s a cake decorator to do when a bride wants a rose gold cake?!

Well, thanks to our pal Lauren Kitchens of Fancy Cakes by Lauren (and frequent guest instructor in our own Studio B), I have two edible rose gold color recipes to share with you! First up is, of course, Chef Nicholas’s method for creating the beautiful rose gold shade. Remember when I said that even Walt Disney World had jumped on the rose gold bandwagon? Well, Chef Nicholas has led training several training sessions with Disney Resort pastry chefs. And rose gold figured prominently in the last session!

Rose Gold Edible Paint

1 Part Rainbow Dust Gold Paint Pot

3 Parts Rainbow Dust Pink Paint Pot 


To create his rose gold color, Chef Nicholas first begins by using peach colored fondant or gumpaste as his base. Next he just mixes the Rainbow Dust Pink and Gold Paint pots (of course you can adjust the quantities to achieve your desired shade of rose gold). Super easy, super beautiful! Just check out these trendy rose gold Minnie Mouse ears that Chef Nicholas created!

Chef Nicholas’s Minnie ears in rose gold (the photo on the left is a shot of the peach color headband before being painted rose gold). The middle and right photo show two shades of rose gold.

Chef Lauren Kitchens, a favorite guest instructor of ours, has also graciously shared her rose gold powder recipe with me for this blog! Oh, and it is totally edible! Yay1 Thank you Chef Lauren, for you take on rose gold. 

Rose Gold Power Color

By Lauren Kitchens, Fancy Cakes by Lauren

2 parts AUI Bronze Highlighter Powder

1 part Super Pearl Luster Dust

1 part Pink Hydrangea Petal Dust (NL Dusky Pink is comparable)

Mix all ingredients together. Adjust any part until you achieve your desired shade of rose gold. This is for dry brush application. For a smooth, paintable rose gold, vodka or flavored oil can be added. This is edible! Yay! That’s it. You may already have all the supplies on hand to create your own rose gold creation! 

If you have made a rose gold cake, I would love to see your photos! 

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