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Guess what? Our Grand Holiday Open House is only 6 weeks away!!! Have you signed up for your spot yet? This year we are going to have a brand new format and TWO, yes TWO guest instructors! Sidney Galpern and Joshua John Russell will both be gracing ISAC with their presence for your cake decorating pleasure! That’s not all, both Sidney and Josh will be teaching classes after the Open House as well!!

Similar to how it has been the past few years, this year’s Grand Holiday Open House will be held over two days, November 7-8, 2015 and each day will have several different time sessions. As always each session will present the exact same demonstrations by each instructor. I am very excited to see how this year goes. The Grand Holiday Open House has changed several times throughout the year as popularity has increased. We are always trying to please our guests and make sure that each person gets the most out of their Open House Experience. We hope that you are all as excited about Open House as we are! There are three sessions on Saturday November 7th and two on Sunday November 8th. If you haven’t yet signed up, I would definitely call up ASAP! The two early sessions on Saturday are almost sold out already! You can give us a call at 1-800-662-8925 to sign up.

Now… let’s talk about our guest instructors and their classes. A few months back I did write a blog about both Sidney and Josh and their classes. However, I thought it prudent to remind you all how awesome they are at what they do! Sidney is teaching two isomalt classes: Holiday Light Isomalt Topper (ONE SPOT LEFT), and The Perfect Isomalt Cornucopia. I have never worked with isomalt, and honestly I haven’t even ever really seen it worked. Needless to say, I am pretty pumped about Sidney’s classes! You can sign up by clicking the class names above or calling 1-800-662-8925. There really is only one spot left in the Holiday Light Class, so good luck!! Each class is one day (November 9 and 10) and lunch will be provided. 

Sidney Bulb Class 2015

SG Isomalt Cornacopia Class 2015

Let’s switch gears from isomalt to cake. Last year Joshua John Russell attended our Grand Holiday Open House just like you. He paid for his seat and got his $5.00 coupon (which he used!). This year we are very excited that Josh will be attending our Open House as a guest demonstrator and will stay on to teach a two day class: Holiday Celebration Cake with Croquembouche Topper. This cake is gorgeous and with the harlequin and lace designs really showcases Josh’s love of using fabric techniques. In fact, Josh will be teaching students how to perfect creating lace using the Pavoni line of lace molds. Josh’s class will be held on November 9-10 (yep, at the same time as Sidney’s classes. We’re going rogue at ISAC), and lunch will be served! Josh’s class is already over half full, so if you are interested you should call soon! Josh is a wonderful instructor and his classes are so much fun (I was lucky enough to be part of his Along Came a Spider Class last year), and I cannot tell you how much you will love taking a class with him!

Joshua 2015 2

OH! And one final parting note… next week I will have some really fun and exciting announcements to share. One will pertain to the Grand Holiday Open House, and the other will be a brand spanking new holiday season event that we are VERY excited about. We have been planning it for over a year now and we cannot wait to tell you all about it!

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