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Bryson Perkins will be visiting ISAC this August and teaching a two-day class in Studio B! Originally from Kailua-Lona, Hawaii, Bryson dove into cake decorating as a hobby to fill his void of homesickness while living in New Hampshire.  Shortly after discovering his talent for cake decorating and sugar art, he was hired as a cake artist at a well know pastry shop. Bryson set off on his own and opened Triolo’s Bakery in December of 2012.  Although his cake career is still relatively short, Bryson has had the pleasure of creating one of a kind cakes for, “celebrities, politicians, charitable foundations, and everyone in between.”


With only a few cake decorating classes and an arsenal of self-taught cake designing skills, Bryson has dazzled the cake decorating and sugar arts community with techniques that include fondant, buttercream, modeling chocolate, royal icing, gumpaste, gumpaste flowers, sculpted figurines and realistic animals, painting, dry painting, airbrushing, piping, molding, and bot sculpted and elegant stacked wedding cakes

During his brief competition career, Bryson has garnered more than forty (yes FORTY) top professional honors which include; Six Blue Ribbon Wedding Cake entries, Six Best in Shows, Four People’s Choice Awards, and Multiple Best of Division “Masters,” decorators Choice Award. In 2015, Bryson had the great honor of representing the United States of America in the first ever Cake Designers World Championship held in Milan, Italy where he placed fourth In the World! I think it’s fairly plain to see why we at ISAC are so thrilled to have this cake decorating prodigy as a visiting instructor in Studio B! 

In Studio B, August 24-25, 2016, Bryson will be teaching a competition style wedding cake! The cake design has not yet been finalized, but as soon as Bryson has finished it, I will be sure to share it with all of you. Learning from a highly decorated instructor is always fun! Plus, if you have been considering entering any cake decorating competitions, or if you already have but want to build your skills, Bryson would be an excellent source of knowledge! We hope to see you there!

Also, if you haven’t yet nominated Chef Nicholas Lodge for the Cake Masters Award for Best Learning Experience, please consider doing so. Chef Nicholas has dedicated his life to teaching cake decorating and the sugar arts around the world for over 30 years. He would love to be a finalist, and ultimate winner, in honor of all the students he has reached over his illustrious career! Just click the button below to get to the Cake Master Awards nominations page. Thank you so much!

And, while you are nominating Chef Nicholas, the entire ISAC family would also like to ask that you please nominate Scott Ewing in the Best Cake Support category. If Chef Nicholas is the heart and soul of ISAC, than Scott is the backbone. He tirelessly supports Chef Nicholas’ career, and also each of the cake decorators that walk through our doors to shop, take classes, or just ask for advice. Scott travels to cake decorating shows and conventions with Chef Nicholas, prepares breakfasts, homemade lunches, and freshly baked cookies during classes at our Atlanta location. Scott is always working to better Chef Nicholas’ career and the International Sugar Art Collection to ensure that our students and clients are always happy! Scott has always been there for us, and we’d like to show him how much that has meant to us, and hopefully to all of you who are lucky to know him! 


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