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Today is the first day of the 40th annual ICES convention! I thought in honor of this big event, I would share some fun facts about the ICES organization today! 

Fun Fact #1: The International Cake Exploration Societé was founded in 1976 by Betty Jo Steinman; she was the sponsor of the National EXPLO Cake Show in Monroe, Michigan. 

Betty Jo Steinmann

Betty Jo Steinman

Fun Fact #2: ICES is worldwide. There are about 2,600 members in 57 different countries! That is a lot of cake lovers.

Fun Fact #3: The mission of ICES is, “to preserve, advance and encourage exploration of the sugar arts.” Holding true to this statement, continuing education classes and demonstrations are encouraged and offered throughout the year, developing sugar artists are supported to nurture their talents, and a love of sugar arts is cultivated through a sharing and caring network of members.

Fun Fact #4: Sharing and Caring among members can be seen at Days of Sharing. These are local events set up by individual ICES chapter members in order to meet, socialize, and learn with other sugar artists. Chef Nicholas has participated in ICES Days of Sharing all over the United States as an invited instructor. 

Fun Fact #5: The annual ICES Convention and Show celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! Every summer sugar artists from around the world meet in the chosen city for a fun-filled long weekend of all manner of sugar art sweetness! There are competitions, classes, demonstrations, vendor booths, and ICES Sugar Artist certification. Chef Nicholas attended his first ICES convention in 1988, and he has been at every one since then. Beginning in 1992, ISAC has had a booth in the venfor room and this year is no different. Don’t forget to visit Chef Nicholas and Scott at our booth this year; it’s filled with loads of great goodies to take home!

ICES 40th

Fun Fact #6: The ICES Sugar Artist and Master Sugar Artist certification is a grueling 8 hour test. This is not a competition, it is a special program that is designed to,  “educate and encourage ICES members to develop their talents in the sugar arts, acquire new sugar art skills, strive for excellence, and improve their standard of decorating now and the future.” This test is conducted live and judged my carefully selected ICES certified Master Sugar Artists. Applicants must create three display pieces: one 3-tiered cake, one non-tiered cake, and one non-cake display piece. Certain skill requirements must be demonstrated. If you think you are up to the task of ICES certification, then you can apply to take the test at the 2016 convention in Mobile, Alabama… this year’s test was held yesterday!! 



Required Skills for the ICES Sugar Artist and Master Sugar Artist Certification

Fun Fact #7: ICES has gone digital! You can get the ICES App for your mobile device! I have the app, and I think it is pretty cool! There is an events section with information on upcoming Days of Sharing, future conventions, Cake Camp, and Cake Cruise! The Hints & Tips section outlines many classic sugar art techniques, what skill level they are considered, and also what judges look for when scoring these techniques- very handy for those of you who love entering competitions! There is a recipe section filled with loads of fun recipes to try, and there is also a section where you can add in your own personal ones too! The Stores section allows you to quickly look up (by list or map) the nearest cake decorating store. I think this is a great feature; if you are traveling and want to visit a fun new supply shop- this app has you covered! I think my favorite part of the app is the Inventory. This feature allows you to enter and keep track of all your tools! AWESOME!! 

Seven is my lucky number, so I am going to stop here and leave you with these 7 fun facts! If you are at this year’s convention, I hope you have a lot of fun this weekend! If you weren’t able to attend the convention this year, I hope that this blog brought you a smile! 

Sweetly yours, 


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